Allied Leader in the Status Menu

I’m have a question with the leader displayed in the status bar.
How does the game determine who the leader is? I load new people on to the map, and one of them becomes the leader…
As a follow up, can a character be forced to show up as the leader in the status bar?

UNIT Name Class Leader
The one who’s the leader is the one with 0x00

This is actually for AI settings,

iirc the Leader in the Status screen is the first unit that’s loaded to the side if that unit is not a generic

Oh I was wrong. I guess you learn things everyday. I deleted my post, to avoid people getting the wrong answer.

It depends on the game
For 7, it’s whoever is in the first character slot (0x202BD50)
For 8, it’s determined by an ingame function. I can’t remember the function pointer but it might be documented here someplace.

When you say the first character slot, do you mean the first character slot in Nightmare? (0x01)
I can get 0x03 to be the leader in the first chapter, but I want 0x36 in the next chapter.

What’s odd is that I load my main character, 0x36. If I don’t load anyone else, it’s fine. When I load any friendly unit, and that friendly unit (0x69, 0x34, etc. -whoever loads first) becomes the leader.
Another thing-- After the new ‘leader’ dies, he is still shown in the status menu.

Something else is that even when I didn’t load 0x03 in the first chapter, she is still the leader. Luckily, she’s supposed to be the leader, but I found this test strange.

I’ve messed around with the character leader in the events. It doesn’t seem to do anything. I’ve read that that affects AI.

No it’s the first unit in memory i.e. The first one loaded. I’m not terribly familiar with events but I imagine you can remedy this by making the leader its own unit block and loading it first.

I’ll try that. I am loading my leader with someone else too in that block.

Nope. Loading him first works, but loading someone else changes it. Same as before.

I believe they mean the first unit loaded as an ally in the entire game (for FE7, anyway). Whoever was made an ally first will have priority as a leader. I believe there is a way to manipulate this, but it requires scripting chapters. Are you making new chapters, or are you just making minor changes to the original game?

Life gets easier when you use this hack.

They’re fully custom chapters.

This patch looks very promising. Let me try it.

I’m afraid the patch didn’t work, but just I found a way around my problem.
Thanks for everyone’s help.

It’d be helpful to describe what you did so that other people having the same issue can learn.

Sorry. I’m still new to the site.

I’m making a submission for the next Ragefest.
In my first chapter, a have leader 0x03, but 0x03 is an enemy in the next chapter. 0x36 is the main character and is present in the first chapter, but 0x03 is meant to be the leader. 0x36 is the leader for the second and third chapters. It sounds weird, but it makes sense if you know the plot. Making 0x36 load first in the first chapter made him the leader there, but it fixed the problem onward. I can live with that; it still makes sense.

Lesson: Don’t event a death on your leader (to reset the inventory) and make her an enemy in the next chapter unless you know what you’re doing (unlike me).

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