All my roms are incompatible?

Ive been a fire emblem fan for a while and just found out about febuilder, i downloaded it and got it all working but when i went to use a rom to edit it kept telling me they were all incompatible, i was just using a standard english fe8 rom so i dont know why its wrong.

Make sure it’s FE8 (U) and not FE8 (E), FEBuilder is only compatible with US and Japanese versions.

The European version has a language menu when you start the game, the US version doesn’t.
Also, the US version is 16 Mb, while the European is 32 Mb.

And the ROM must be clean without any patch applied, but that shouldn’t be a problem for FEBuilder.

Also be careful, don’t ask for ROMs, you’ll have to search the correct one by yourself.