Alice's Buildfile

I am sharing my Buildfile here, because I am interested in learning more about Buildfiles and how to use them. If I have any questions about stuff, I can just redirect people to my buildfile so they can help me out more easily.

The Buildfile is pretty much the FE8 Skillsystems buildfile with a bunch of added skills, and other miscelaneous things. I have 2 versions: A simple version, and another version that includes Pikmin’s Equip ASM. I will slowly implement more stuff in future as I learn more about buildfiles.

You guys are free to just look around and criticize my poor understanding of both Buildfiles and Github. I will gladly listen to any comments on how I can polish this stuff.

Simple version:

Equip ASM version:


I might need this in the future, when I’m at that point in development (of my hack). Thank you for sharing! I also want to learn.

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Nice. Up to this point I’ve been using Buildfiles just to set up a ROM with custom skills. People will tell you that you can’t use both Buildfiles and FEBuilder, but you ABSOLUTELY can

You probably want to use github branches if both versions are the same except for equippable accessories

Good luck with it

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What are Github branches?

Branches let you have multiple versions of a repository. You might use them for version control or to test things out without committing them to master, for example.