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Kinda felt a bit down lately, so today and yesterday I decided to make more portraits. No actual new characters, but at least they’re alts with different clothing so that I can practice that.

  • Lucario outifts:
    Lucario Cafe Mix outfit
    Lucario cafe mixLucario cafe mix blush
    Look at the happy boi (yeah, def not showing my favorite Pokemom bias here). In all seriousness, I was happy to make this portrait, simple yet great enough design. I kind of struggled a bit with with the hat, so maybe I’ll make it bigger later, but for now, this is good enough. It comes with a blush variant too.
  • Gardevoir outfits:
    Gardevoir Cafe Style
    Gardevoir Cafe left with pin
    Gardevoir Cafe leftGardevoir Cafe right
    Uh, this is not the actual Cafe Remix outfit for Gardevoir, but close enough if you would say. Still, it was good enough to do this outfit portrait. Back when I was searching references to make this portrait I’ve noticed that most fanarts of Gardevoir with this outfit don’t actually draw the pokeball pin on their hat, either by drawing it from the opposite side or just plain not having it at all. So for those that want it to be as similar to the Unite outfit I’ve made a variant with the pokeball pin, and another without it, alongside variant of it looking at the opposite side. Overall a good enough outfit to make.

Also, in the meantime have a Miraidon W.I.P. Hope I get to figure out how to make its color palette.


I’ve been a bit busy with making some homework of my university classes, and in general just spending more time with my family, but in the meantime I’ve worked on some portraits I have.
In particular I’ve been able to progress my Miraidon portrait. So far it’s been turning out great.

In the meantime have some more expressions of previous portrait I’ve made.
When your favorite unit gets a point in each stat:
Braixen (Fascinated)

When you get tremendously screwed by the RNG (i.e. your unit dies to a low hit crit):
Lucario (Glare)
When it happens again:
Lucario (Smirk)

Have a nice Easter day btw! Can’t wait to see you all tomorrow for something special!


Heya whassup, evryone. Hope your having a greit day today! Ive bring you some of the best portrats i’ve made recently. For some of these guys forget about the earlier drawings i did, these ones are much beter.
THis is a portrait i did of Lucario. Yeah, this is defenitely a portrait of this guy and not someone els.
Lucario Ditto

Hopoe you sleep well after seeing these other portrats to:

You know what cooler than a Braixen
? a Braixen with sunglasses:
The Cooler Braixen

Thats it, everyone,. Hope you have a great day.

Okay, I’m out now.


“Welcome to the Velvet Room. My name is Igor, I am delighted to make your acquaintance”
Long nose

I feel that I should’ve posted this a few days later, but eh, what the heck, why not now? At least it’s April, right when most of the Persona games (at least starting from 3) begin their story.


Good day everyone, this is Makoto Yuki/Minato Arisato/Sakuya Shiomi/Roger, and he doesn’t care if he doesn’t have any clothes right now (nor any mouth frames), he can beat any shadow just fine. This might be the start of a long series of Persona character portraits, in the style of FE GBA.
Makoto Yuki (Naked)


Well, I’m going to post some more new portraits in these next days, let’s see how many I can do by these times.
First off, a edited version of one of Thorn’s Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon character portraits, specifically of Sedgar. I mainly changed his armour palette to make him more similar to his appearance in FEH and the Fire Emblem TCGs.
Sedgar {Thorn} - alt

And here’s some another new Pokemon portraits of mine, all F2E like always. These ones will be updated above in their respective generation folders.

Pokemon Gen II - Lugia
One of their generation’s main legendaries. Since this mon basically has a simple color design (at least when it comes to the head only), I gave it 5 skin tones like a normal FE GBA character, and then just two tones for blue and red. It was a bit difficult making the mouth frames, but overall I liked how it turned out. Starting next month I plan to release the Dark Lugia version as well.
Pokemon Gen IV - Riolu
The first of the baby Pokemon that I made a portrait of. It was prety easy to make its portrait, mainly by following the colors I’ve used for my Lucario portraits, albeit with a lighter shade of blue. I wanted to release more portraits similar to this one but uh, I got wrapped up in doing other things lol. I’ll see If I can make them this week at least.


All right everyone, I managed to make a portrait of a character I wanted to make some time ago. For this point onwards, most of the portraits I make will have two different color variants, one with the full amount of colors I’ve used, which can only be used on other game engines like Lex Talionis, and another that uses 16 colors at maximum, being apt for normal FE GBA romhacks. And since this is a character from another franchise, I’ll make another seccion for the portraits I’ve made above.

Persona 3 - Makoto Yuki
Makoto YukiMakoto Yuki
Makoto Yuki (Battle Outfit)Makoto Yuki (Battle Outfit)
The emo protagonist of Persona 3. Despite being the main character this one wasn’t actually the first Persona 3 portrait I’ve made. It took me a while to make one mainly because unlike the other characters I didn’t find a good enough art to reference to, but eventually I ended up making one later. If we talked about the 16 max color version I would say that I did managed to find all the colors I needed to make at least his normal outfit and his battle outfit from P3R look good enough. If I were to revisit this one I think the thing that would change the most would be his hair imo. Overall, I’m glad I managed to make this one.