AI Help Needed

can someone help me with 0x12? I have it set to character 0x80 and telling my enemies not to attack that character. But they do it anyway. here is my script

#define PursueExceptJJ [0x12,0x02,0x02,0x00]
#define AttackInRangeExceptJJ [0x12,0x03,0x09,0x00]

if i give enemies this AI, they will still decide to attack JJ. But I did the exact same thing with the swarms from chapter 2.

#define PursueExceptSwarm [0x13,0x02,0x02,0x00]
#define AttackInRangeExceptSwarm [0x13,0x03,0x09,0x00]

in hex, B97A0C

I have 80 there, and 7D are just other enemies because I didn’t have anything else to put there. can someone help me with 0x12 primary AI?

edit1: huh… so i tried to change 0x12 to 0x13 and changed the character id from 0x80 (jelijeli) to 0x70 (swarm), and it still doesn’t work… Is something wrong with my chapter…?

i actually figured it out on my own (gasp)

0x12 and 0x13 don’t avoid characters that are specified. To be more specific, 0x12 and 0x13 is running up to enemies and not attacking them. When I read “do not attack” in my mind i thought “ignore them” but that’s not exactly what happens

AI byte 0x2 is the movement byte, and you’d want the do not approach AI for that… but if they still attack the specified characters that’s still odd.

they don’t attack those specified characters. If there aren’t any blue units around to distract the red units. Then the red units will just walk up to the green units and stand there.