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Hey, my name’s Gardea. I’m a pretty big fire emblem fan, my favorite games in the series being fe4 and awakening. If anyone knows whether that makes me a casual or an elitist, hit me up. My favorite game of all time though is PMD2. I love just about everything about it.

I’ve been lurking around here for half a year now with the intent of eventually making a hack, but I’ve only recently gotten the means to do so(as in a working computer). I have a passion for games, music, and writing, especially the latter, and am looking to someday make a career out of it. I hope to test the waters of game development here with any projects I might make, and hopefully polish all of my skills enough to become well rounded in all of these aspects. I can’t do art though, and I’m not touching that with a ten foot pole :skull:


I don’t know what liking both awakening and FE4 would make you, but just liking FE4 makes you cool, so welcome. Happy to have you

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Heya, welcome!

My interpretation of your faves being FE4 and FE13 is that you really like the two-generation aspect of those games’ main plots, but that could also be totally incidental.

Hope you find your time here fruitful!


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