Ai fire emblem stories

I have noticed you can also create ai fire emblem games and stories of fire emblem too and the ideas of making them into playable games as well :blush: and tip how to make a good storylines out of them too


Yeah, you COULD do that. But why would you? A big thing that draws people into the FEBuilder scene and whatever is that you can make a game and story pretty easily, all things considered. I don’t really see the benefit of using AI to write a story and make characters for you in such a… soulless way, for lack of a better word. Maybe this is a “gigabrain” take, but if you’re going to use AI, at least try to do some of the work yourself, ya know? Are you going to make a hack with AI, because I’d like to see you try (in a non-accusatory way). Maybe you can’t tell it was made with AI, maybe you can.


Sounds pretty interesting. Wonder what kinda stuff you could cook up with some Ai.

For tips wise, I’d say use a simple prompt and nothing too complicated so the Ai doesn’t get confused.

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It’s an useful tool for brainstorming ideas but by no means use GPT to generate the entire plot of your hack. It’ll be bland and boring. And kinda a nonsensical mess.

Not like some hacks aren’t bland, boring and/or nonsensical but maybe yours won’t.

Anyway, if want to use it, make it a conversation. Tell it to make a story with this and that and after it generates the first iteration tell it to change X and Y, add Z and so on. Continue until you’re satisfied with the answer.


I would use a app ai story generator to create it bro and you tell the ai what story you want it to be about and characters too

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I did something like this some time ago and this is what I got ultimately.

In a distant kingdom, there lived a powerful and evil dragon king named Malgyron. Malgyron hailed from a dark and twisted outrealm, where he had built a formidable army and conquered all who stood in his way.

But one day, Malgyron set his sights on the peaceful kingdom that lay beyond the outrealm’s boundaries. He and his army stormed across the lands, laying waste to everything in their path. The kingdom’s brave warriors fought valiantly, but they were no match for the strength and ferocity of Malgyron and his forces.

In the end, the kingdom fell to the dragon king, and Malgyron declared himself the ruler of all. He imposed his will upon the people, crushing anyone who dared to defy him. The kingdom was plunged into darkness, and all hope seemed lost.

But deep in the desert, in a forgotten temple, an ancient and powerful weapon lay hidden. It was a magical sword, named Estralome, imbued with the power to vanquish even the strongest of foes.

One day, a young and gifted swordsman named Prince Aric received a vision from a divine dragon named Tiki. Tiki had been sent from another realm to help the people of the kingdom combat the demon dragons that threatened their land. She revealed the location of the hidden temple and the existence of the magical sword Estralome to Prince Aric.

Aric knew that this was his chance to save his kingdom and rid the land of the evil dragon king Malgyron. Armed with Estralome, Aric set out to challenge Malgyron and free the kingdom from his reign of terror.

In the hidden temple where Estralome was found, Prince Aric also discovered a gem imbued with powerful magic. The gem, named Fire Emblem, glowed with a bright, radiant light, and Aric knew that it could be a valuable asset in his quest to defeat Malgyron.

As he set out on his journey, Aric carried the Fire Emblem with him, using its power to aid him in battle and protect him from harm. The gem shone brightly as he fought Malgyron, and its magic proved to be a formidable force against the dragon king. In the end, the Fire Emblem’s power played a crucial role in Aric’s victory, helping him to overcome Malgyron and free the kingdom from his reign of terror.

After the battle, Aric returned to the hidden temple and placed the Fire Emblem back in its rightful place, where it continued to protect the kingdom from any future threats. The people of the kingdom celebrated their victory and the gem’s power, and Prince Aric was hailed as a hero for his bravery and cunning in using the Fire Emblem to defeat Malgyron. The kingdom was once again filled with light and hope, and the people lived happily ever after.

Tiki, the divine dragon, had completed her mission in this realm. She had helped the people of the kingdom to defeat Malgyron and restore peace to their land. With her mission accomplished, Tiki immediately returned to her own realm, leaving the people the kingdom to continue on their journey without her physical presence. However, they knew that she would always be with them in spirit, watching over them and protecting them from harm.

In the years that followed, the kingdom prospered under Prince Aric’s rule. He was a fair and just ruler, and the people loved him for his bravery and wisdom. The Fire Emblem continued to protect the kingdom from any threats, and the people lived in peace and harmony.

As you can see, it’s a very generic plot but and acceptable springboard to do something more advanced.


Here is one story ai created for me

Fire emblem atlantis

Once upon a time, in the mystical land of Atlantis, a kingdom flourished with magic and wonder. The people of Atlantis possessed extraordinary abilities, each gifted with a unique power. They lived in harmony, guided by the wise and just King Alaric, who ruled with compassion and fairness.

However, a dark force began to rise in the shadows. A sorceress named Morgana, consumed by envy and greed, sought to claim the power of the Atlanteans for herself. She believed that with their abilities, she could become the most powerful being in the world.

Morgana devised a wicked plan to steal the Atlanteans’ powers. She summoned an army of dark creatures and unleashed them upon the kingdom. Chaos ensued as the creatures wreaked havoc, destroying homes and capturing innocent Atlanteans.

News of the attack reached the ears of Prince Leon, the brave and valiant son of King Alaric. Determined to protect his people, Leon embarked on a perilous journey to find the legendary Fire Emblem, a powerful artifact said to hold the key to defeating Morgana.

Guided by an ancient prophecy, Leon traveled through treacherous forests, crossed vast oceans, and climbed towering mountains. Along the way, he encountered a diverse group of allies who joined him in his quest. There was Lyra, a skilled archer with a heart of gold, and Roderick, a wise and knowledgeable mage. Together, they formed an unbreakable bond, united by their shared goal of saving Atlantis.

As they ventured deeper into Morgana’s lair, the challenges grew more daunting. They faced deadly traps, fierce monsters, and powerful sorcery. But Leon’s determination never wavered, fueled by his love for his people and his desire to protect his kingdom.

Finally, after countless battles and near-death experiences, Leon and his companions reached the heart of Morgana’s lair. There, they confronted the sorceress in an epic showdown. Morgana, fueled by her lust for power, unleashed her full strength, but Leon and his allies fought back with unwavering courage.

In a climactic moment, Leon unlocked the true potential of the Fire Emblem, channeling its immense power. A blinding light engulfed the room, and Morgana’s dark forces were vanquished. The kingdom of Atlantis was saved, and peace was restored.

With Morgana defeated, Leon returned to Atlantis as a hero. The people celebrated his bravery and hailed him as their savior. King Alaric,

Awesome bro that’s good too :+1: its good to keep them as well for a idea :bulb: as well

His parents named him Prince Aric? Damn, that must’ve been a hit job.

Is this a reference by the bot I didn’t notice?

no, just saying that being named “Prince” gotta be a whole thing on medieval themed settings - no less “Prince Aric”

its at the same level of naming a kid “Marth Fire Emblem (surname/surname)”

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Me and another person who doesn’t have an account here are currently working on an FE clone in SRPG Studio together that uses AI-generated assets. If you were paying attention to the MARTH contest some time ago, you might recognize it as Cycle of the Heavens.

I don’t know if this counts towards the conversation, but while we’ve done most of the worldbuilding and writing ourselves, there have been a couple points where we’ve consulted ChatGPT for ideas, such as the presence of lumistone as a precious resource that the game’s two empires are fighting each other over.

AI can be helpful in writing support conversations.
You also generate Portraits.
Voice data can also be created by AI, but it is not realistic for GBA due to its limited capacity.
Music can also be created by AI, but it is difficult for GBA because it has to be midi due to capacity limitation.
Automatic map generation is possible to some extent with FEMapCreator.
When letting ChatGPT write text, it is important to enter the settings properly.

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AI can be pretty dope for generating ideas, however when it comes to the story itself, AI cannot write anything interesting. At the moment, artificial intelligence is not consistent and it is usually not that original.

Regardless of what AI can do or not, stories written by actual people will always have my preference. Especially if it is a story about or for something they absolutely love. Most if not all FE Hacks are passion projects that come from the heart, so why leave part of that thing you love so much up to something that does not even have feelings?

Whenever something has a lot of love put into it, you can notice that. For most creative endeavours this also makes the result way better!


I won’t play or support anything using AI for anything in their game. Not AI art or AI story or AI anything. The reality is AI uses stolen data that wasn’t consented and also legally speaking you can’t copyright anything made with Ai meaning your game is like gonna not be your IP anyway.


The reality is AI uses stolen data that wasn’t consented and also legally speaking you can’t copyright anything made with Ai meaning your game is like gonna not be your IP anyway.

Fair enough, but if you hold this stance then I hope you also judge Fire Emblem ROMhacks in a similar manner considering any hack that uses the Fire Emblem name is engaging in trademark infringement and, if I’m not mistaken, most ROMhacks are distributed with the understanding that a majority of people are going to patch them to game ROMs illegally downloaded from the Internet.


I mean no one can make money off their rom hacks, that is already understood here. If you try Nintendo will shut you down and potentially sue you.

I don’t care about trademark infringement, I care about individual artists having their work stolen. However, it isn’t my opinion it is the opinion of several global courts that these works can’t be copyrighted. so if someone is going to make an original game they could normally copy right, legally if caught, they can’t at least not on the assets they created using AI.

Nintendo is a multi billion dollar company, they aren’t going to be said, I am in general fairly anti copy right but AI has way more problems then the copy right issues. It is an issue of credit, it is an issue of lack of creative input, it is an issue of lack of creation. I’d rather play something with bad art and a bad plot that was made by someone with a vision, who had intentions then something with mid art and a mid story that was made by a robot and like 1 editing pass by a person.


However, it isn’t my opinion it is the opinion of several global courts that these works can’t be copyrighted. so if someone is going to make an original game they could normally copy right, legally if caught, they can’t at least not on the assets they created using AI.

We’re in agreement here. Which is why I would never use AI for any part of a game I intended to sell for a profit. But for things like free-to-play fangames (which are what most of my game projects fall under), the only thing I can reasonably object to is depending on AI to write most of your story for you. Because when lots of fangames share presentation assets already, the story is ultimately going to be the thing that uniquely identifies yours, and as long as it has that humanizing thread, it can be said to have a creative soul. Even then, for the stuff I would use AI to make, I would only use models like Klokgen that are explicitly only trained on vanilla FE assets so that the end result is no more morally dubious than splicing.

The way I see it, AI is ultimately a tool with considerable utility value, like knives and firearms. But just like knives and firearms, it is up to the users to develop an understanding of how to use them, and to do so with the utmost responsibility.


Romhacks are a form of art not used for profit and is only using work from a multi billion dollar corporation.

Ai “art” or writing isn’t art. It has no soul, no love, no dedication. It’s taking from people, individuals, not corporations.

There is no equivalency


I’ve written about AI on FEU before, but in a very different context. I’m not gonna bring up the philosophical problems I have with using those tools in this way; let’s just talk practicality.

Let’s be clear; in discussing romhacking, generative content has almost always been seen as, negatively, a crutch or, neutrally, a shortcut. Auto-generated maps have existed for a while and are generally seen as dramatically inadequate, lacking in structure and purpose even in their best case scenarios. Writing is the same; I will not be more impressed if the boring, rote, time-waster story I’m reading was created by a machine, I will just be annoyed that it wasn’t even an amateur’s enthusiasm outstripping their ability, something that’s at least charming and maybe even fun.

By “saving time” using AI writing, you are just making your game worse. It will not be a good story, and a bad story is worse than nothing at all. Dramatically worse, even. It also, despite taking little effort, still takes notably more effort than none at all - you still need to do text insertion, eventing, checking for inconsistencies, not to mention any time spent generating and regenerating the script itself. At that point, why not just cut out the middleman and do NO work on the story, instead?

If you are implementing AI writing into your romhack, it is because you flatly do not care about the quality of that story. If this is the case, just don’t include a story at all; we’ve had hacks with no dialogue before. It’s fine. Don’t force players to sit through something you yourself don’t care enough to actually spend time creating yourself.