After Opening events, chapter plays the preceding one

Hey, so in case you don’t know. My 1-4 chapter had two phases: one with a human boss and then after a bunch of events, there was another battle on the same map.

I’m trying to split up both those battles into separate chapters, and I feel like I’m close to getting it down pat, but I’ve run into this annoying issue.

So, 1-4 ends and transitions fine to what is now chapter 1-5. And in the opening event, it plays all the events fine.
The Opening event for 1-5 ends with this unit load out

However, upon entering the preparation screen, the chapter seems to revert back to the prep screen and events of the chapter before it.

even on the save screen, it literally goes back to 1-4 (Fated Encounter)

I have no idea what’s going on. All of my events line up fine as far as I can tell.

Additionally, I replaced Port of Badon (16x) with this new chapter. Even in Nightmare, it reads like this

Here’s a comparison between 1-4 and 1-5 in the events

Crisis averted. We figured it out it was a bad LOMA.