Adventures of FE1

We’re gonna be looking at unused stuff here. Images!


Also, have a weirdly formatted unused text block at 36AB0. Don’t forget to apply the table file off Serenes! It’s here for reference. It makes text editing a lot easier!

Anniversary edit: I forget the context on that pointer, but I have since been able to display the quotes dialogue in game. I have edited it to match how it’s displayed in game. (To a point, anyway. It’s pretty glitchy.)


if i may, i thought i’d give a few quick notes on the battle debug feature thing and its operations, because holy hell this thing is fascinating in the most boring way possible. for those who aren’t aware, it’s the endless battle looping thing that happens when you press the start button on the sound test

the enemy-side is where all the testing in this feature happens: they cycle through every class and every weapon in the game in a set order. meanwhile the player-side unit is always a cavalier with a silver sword. both units always have 32 hp, but i can’t speak for their other stats since i can’t maths for shit (damage output with the same weapon against the same class seems consistent though). the terrain they’re standing on also seems to be picked at random

for both sides, the character names are randomly pulled with each test: player-side names are always playable units, while enemy-side names are always enemies (both generics and bosses show up). the cut character name “wylar” also shows up. the selection seems limited in some ways and seems to have a focus on earlygame, but i’m not 100% sure yet

all weapons in the weapon types usable by that class are tested, in index order (ie silver sword first). there are several exceptions:

  • the rapier and falchion are only tested for lord classes, unsurprisingly. the mercurius does not appear at all for some reason
  • earthstones do not appear at all
  • the cut helarn staff appears among the staves tested. no other cut item is tested

there’s a few odd animation glitches with some of the tested weapons. i suspect this is a side effect of testing effects which, under normal gameplay circumstances in fe1, should never appear being used by enemy units

  • when lords test levin swords, the actual levin sword attack does not play the lightning effect, which instead shows up on the player-side unit when they attack
  • the sparkles that appear on falchion at the start of a battle seem a bit janky too
  • starlight’s spell animation sparkles appears on top of its user, instead of on the player-side unit like it should
  • parthia’s fire effect appears on its user, instead of on the player-side unit like it should

each weapon is tested at least twice per class

  • 1-range weapons are tested twice. the player-side unit attacks, then the enemy-side unit attacks
  • 1-2 range weapons (javelins, gradivuses, hand axes, levin swords, tomes) are tested three times. first, the player-side unit attacks, then the enemy-side unit attacks at 1 range, then the enemy-side unit attacks at 2 range
  • bows and ballistae are tested twice. the player-side unit attacks at 1 range, then the enemy-side unit attacks at 2 range
  • staves are “tested” once each. the player side unit attacks at 1 range and the staff user does exactly nothing, unsurprisingly

classes are, unsurprisingly, also tested in index order, aside from manaketes. the order is: cavaliers, armours, peg knights, paladins, dracoknights, mercenaries, fighters, pirates, thieves, heroes, archers, hunters, ballisticians, horsemen, snipers, chameleons, a brief test of an unarmed manakete, mages, priests, bishops, lords, generals, and lastly a proper test of manaketes with stones. after the last manakete test it loops back around to cavaliers and starts from the top

while this feature tests a huge number of scenarios, it doesn’t cover all cases. since all player-side units are cavaliers, it doesn’t test effective weapons (aside from ridersbanes and rapiers) against the classes weak to them, and because the player-side unit only ever wields silver swords, it never tests 2-range vs 2-range situations. incidentally, this site estimates that one round of the test mode, going through every combination of class, weapon, initiating unit and range that can appear in it, takes 107,762 different battle scenarios

(all struckthrough parts turned out to be inaccurate suppositions based on incomplete data; see darr’s experiences going through the whole thing below)

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Unused opening…? It’s located between Ch2 and Ch3 in the rom. Edit the pointer at 0x21f45 to 63A1 to view the scene for yourself in place of Ch2. Warning: not translated in patch.

(Translation soon.)


translation (and transcription) now!

へいりょくを ととのえた

タリスを あとにした。
Having prepared their military force with
the aid of the King of Talys,
the Altean army has left Talys behind
to wage war in Aurelis and to unite with
Princess Nyna's forces.
*「しかし そのためには まず
かいぞくゴメスの しはいする
However, in order to do that,
they must pass through the port of Galder,
which is dominated by the pirate Gomer.
そして なつかしき そこく
アリティアへ かえることが
To Aurelis...
And then to return to their dear homeland, Altea...
Can they do it?

last passage is kinda all over the place translationways but i felt it’d be best to preserve its original structure


Nice, I’d like this in FE1 soon

More possibly unused text. Featuring “You can’t win against Garnef” guy having a really long “…!”

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please don’t kill me mods

There’s a bunch of houses here.

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So I went through the entirety of the battle test… After a full loop of classes, the player’s weapon changes. It goes in index order as well. Then the class eventually changes once the class goes through all usable weapons. Then the next class passes by, until all 22 classes are done. And what’s my reward for slogging through millions and millions of battles, when the final blast of fire breath strikes down the final fire dragon…

A soft reset. No secret message. No game crash. Just a reset. And I think it corrupted save 2 and wiped it out. The things I do for science… and I wasn’t even first to the completion mark


Good thing there are no double/necro post rules around here as long as you’re adding to the topic’s substance. :slight_smile:

i’ve managed to do shit with palettes

introducing lyn marth recolor

so the palettes for idle/moving are stored at a different offset.interesting


I suppose I should document these unused palette swaps for the record. Red Kashim uses ID 0x40, yellow Kashim uses ID 0x41.

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Castor-Kashim-fucknames.png for smash bros

Have a suspicious file. I forget exactly what the context it was for, but I’ll throw it out there. Something to do with duplicate text?

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