Advance Wars Unit's Battle Animations

Can someone with a kind-hearted soul port all ground units battle animations from Advance Wars to Fire Emblem?

This is a small sheet I created, it shows all ground units from all nations.
Note: I don’t intend to use right now, maybe in future projects, but this is more likely to be an ‘‘asking’’ than ‘‘requesting’’ thread. I created it because the community maybe could find some uses to these animations into FE.
So if you feel like doing it, it’s more for the community than me, to be honest.
If you don’t know what I’m talking about, this is the animations I’m talking about:

It seems like you’re asking for a lot of work to be done for yourself and pretending it’s for the benefit of everyone.


I don’t want to be rude. But If you had the good will of looking thought few of some posts I did in the past I only intend to work with medieval style games, the exception to one private small project that will work in ww3. (Worth of mentioning the project it is so far distant to be done, that would be definitely be made only in the next 2 or 3 years).
And as I said, it’s more asking than requesting. I did a lot of things to the community and never asked for credits or anything. If you see my thread about what I’m creating, there is like a lot of things there, and they are there because I want to give to the community without anything in exchange unless they want to give something from good will.
And don’t say that I’m pretending, this is extremely rude.

He has no obligation to read your previous posts.

If someone in the community needs AW2 battle animations for their project they can convert them themselves. This goes for just about everything in FE hacking; community assets/engine hacks are created out of personal need or the passion of the creator.
For example I began converting a city from a certain gba game into a tileset for FE last winter. I’ll release the tileset when I finally release my hack)

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