Adding New Skills? (FEBuilder)

  • Hacking method: FEBuilder:
  • Base Game: FE8:

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Hello there dear viewer! I’ve come to ask a question about the common placed skillsystem patch by @circleseverywhere. In my quest to master the art of “Hacking With FEBuilder”, I was wondering how I would go about adding new skills to replace the default skills.
Thank you for you’re precious time!



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Sweet! Does it matter how far I am with developing the hack? Like say if I’m 8 chapters finished?

Custom build resets your skillsys config to the defaults / whatever you tell the custom build to do. So it may be inconvenient.

Note that for developing skills you will want to use a buildfile until you’ve tested it and are ready to add it to your hack.

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You mean like, if I set my lord to have one leadership star, he would revert back to having the default 2 stars?

I’m unsure on leadership stars. The skills on levelup etc. do not need to be replaced, at least
Patches like “amount of dmg this skill adds” go back to defaults

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Ok, cool! Thanks for the info! Will give it a try!
Btw, I didn’t want to add custom skills made by me (yet), just wanted to use the other skills circleseverywhere created. But thanks for that too! :grin:

You can stop pinging circles. Also note that each skill has its own author, so check skill definitions.event to see who made what.

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OK, so this isn’t anything that needs to happen, but I thought I’d give it a whirl to try and implement.

So, I was following the guide from the link you sent, and followed the instruction word to word, I set all of the skills that I wanted, and while I was editing, I found you could implement Biorhythm from the Tellius games, so I though “why not?” and uncommented “#define Biorhythm”, and was met with this:

I cannot figure out what I did wrong. I don’t know a thing about how ASM works (But I want to :)). Lemme know if I was unclear on anything!

Thank you in advance!

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If you hadn’t done so for both, there seem to be two places to uncomment to get it to work ‘_MasterHackInstaller’ and ‘Config’ …that’s the only possible thing i could see though i dunno.
…looking at the tabs in the screenshot you’ve probably already done that, but couldn’t hurt to make sure.

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I uncommented “#include ExternalHacks/Biorhythm.event”, and was met with this behemoth:

Sorry if this is something obvious or something. Thanks in advance!

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Oh my. I’ve never actually used it myself so I can’t really say what could be happening, good luck!

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For the BiorhythmTable, go to Tables/TableInstaller.event and uncomment #include "NightmareModules\Misc\BiorhythmEditor.event".

For the “SS_” entries (a.k.a. Stat Screen Text Entries) is a bit more complicated, since those are originally stored in a .txt and then automatically processed into a format that the game can read, but the FEBuilder implementation of SkillSystem doesn’t have the tools for that.


For the text entries, each one is just a text id. You could make them 0x1000, 0x1001, 0x1002 etc. and just type in the text via febuilder.

#define SS_BiorhythmGood 0x1000
Goes in customdefinitions.event

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