Adding Multiple Animations to the same Class? (FE6)

Sorry if the title is confusing.
I’m making a project in FE6 and I’m wondering if it’s possible to give a class a multiple animations that can be accessed from a specific character that uses them. Like some of the character specific animations in Fire Emblem 7 (Legault being an example here)
I’m still a newbie to the hacking scene so I still have a lot to learn.
By chance is there patch like that exists for FE6 yet?

As far as I’m aware that feature is exclusive to FE7. Not even FE8 has it. Perhaps you can expand the amount of classes or replace the female cav, merc or paladin with a thief clone with a different battle animation.

Ahhh I see… That’s a shame. No matter though.

Would you know how to expand the amount of classes in FE6?
I’d change the female merc but for some reason it’s connected to a 07AB which is in game dialogue for a cutscene and I kind of don’t want to change it since I’m afraid I might break something.
Should I just replace it with a blank space? (The Female Merc)

FE8 actually does have the feature, but it is unused. There is a hack that replaces it with a better version that takes split promotions into account tho.(Not relevant for the discussion, just wanted to clarify)

Are you using FEBuilderGBA? If not, I’d strongly recommend switching to it.

Also, a lot of the unused classes in FE6 have broken name pointers. You can change the pointer to the name without changing any text at all. Say, if you wanted to fix the female Mercenary’s name but keep it as a variant of the Mercenary class, you could just copy the pointer to the male Mercenary’s name.

Chances are if you’re asking if something exists for FE6, the answer is no.
Most people hack FE8 (or FE7, but in modern hacking mainly FE8). FE6 hacking only really came into popularity with the advent of FEBuilderGBA, and people don’t realize that before FEBuilder, the only support for FE6 consisted almost entirely of randomizers and translation patches. Unless you absolutely have to use FE6 for whatever reason, I would strongly recommend switching to FE8. But if you’re really gonna stick with FE6, prepare to either have your hopes dashed or do a lot of workarounds.


Alright, thank you everyone!
It’s a shame there really isn’t many patches for FE6 But that’s okay. I’ll just work with what it will give me and what I can do.

I’m going to continue with my small project in FE6 and just work with it’s flaws rather then stop now.