Adding Blacksmith Option To Armory and Shop And AutoPromotion[Solved]

How can I implement the ‘Repair Hammer’ in FE7 from Tear Ring Saga?
And how could I implement Auto-Promotion like from FE4 into FE7?

And how can I implement the Thief Staff from FE5?

  1. The “Repair Hammer” item and blacksmith options are two totally different things. For the Repair Hammer you can just create a duplicate Hammerne by assigning the use/effect pointers to another item as well. This will only fix an adjacent unit’s weapon though (not the unit’s own).
  2. FE4 doesn’t have “auto-promotion” it just has a base option that promotes you.
  3. Learn ASM.
  4. Use ASM.
  5. Stop expecting people to walk you through incredibly complex things that you have taken no initiative to actually learn how to attempt.