Added Camilla sprites on the Repo!

It looks I haven’t socialized enough in the forums yet to upload media files on my posts, but I was able to add my Camilla sprites on the Repo!

At least I think I did. Hopefully it worked out all right.

I look forward to the day when I can share my work directly! lol.


I’m confused as to why your youtube is StreamingTofu but you went with SteamingTofu.

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lol, unfortunately, Youtube was the one place where the name SteamingTofu was already taken.

Probably should change that, yeah.

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Good to see you here.

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Errr I think I messed up somewhere.

An option to fork popped up so I was just pressing buttons and… I guess it didn’t go through?

Looks like I don’t have the permission to add things to repo yet either, lol.

I remember seeing your animations pop up and progress on the Fire Emblem subreddit, good to see you here. Hope you enjoy your time here


I added it. No worries.


sorry, but what folder is the animation under?, can’t seem to find em

It’s not live. I’m waiting for the next update.

aa, okay that makes sense