Actual Map Animations

(Apologies for the video that probably wouldn’t fly in 2006. The desync is awful. Areas of silence are “attempts” to resync.) Well look at that, I’m not just trolling in the Under.

GBA map animations are boring. Blue guy bumps into red guy, red guy does the same back, and one of them might do another bump. But after taking a peek at Nightmare, I think I figured out the alternate pointer in the spell association editor. Edit that and you can play a map animation. Staves and some consumables have this pointer filled in, and if you give another item that pointer, it will play that animation. I took notes of those offsets Nightmare shows, and I’ll share them here. [spoiler=offsets]MAP ANIMATION POINTERS
warp, rescue=08C9E8A4
pure water=08C9E104
I should warn that only heal and sleep have been tested, and fortify makes the enemy just vanish afterwards (he was OHKOed, but it might cause glitches), and it has a lot of issues right now. It plays on all attacks on player phase, including the enemy’s attack. I haven’t tested what happens when two weapons with animations fight. They also don’t work on enemy phase, but that might just be it going off the enemy’s no map animation. It is based on weapon, so weapon-based classes probably won’t find much use of it, but maybe FE4-style map animations for magic might be doable in theory.

(Also steel swords are seriously messed up on my rom and only plays the magic sword animation, so you get to see Ereshkigal cast from it.)


To be totally honest, I’m more interested in removing the part where fighting units are bumping into each other - that shit wastes too much time. I’d much rather have FE10 animations where numbers appear and disappear or FE11+ functionality where pressing start skips to the end of the round of combat.

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That video gave me a serious headache.

On a serious note, the “off” animation functionality is literally supposed to be no animation, it’s to save time and speed up time in battles and in the chapter overall. If anything, they should be more like FE10, like @dondon151 suggested, just numbers and no bumping.

Tbh I can’t even visualize your suggestion literally because that video was so awful, but I’m imagining you want something more like fe4/5?

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking of.

I agree with the animations off that’s been posted. tbh I’ve been sad it’s been missing from FE games since FE10.

People are saying no animation, but at the very least I’d like fly text.
Showing you how much damage was done or whether you missed.
Saves you having to look at a character and calculate how much damage was done.

That’s, uh, how FE10 does it when all animations are turned off. Which is what everyone has said they wanted. *crickets chirping*

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You could just bring up the HP bars and have them update instantly on hit instead of scrolling. Misses will still be misses.

Can I use this moment to bring up that I’ve never played FE10 and all the information provided in this topic never alluded to having fly-text…

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Skitty and Dondon mention it… Unless you mean something different than that


This must be a new revelation where it turns out I can’t read.

Fuck I’m tired…