About the author of The Last Promise

I would like to know who the author of The Last Promise is and where he is.
If you are kind enough, I would appreciate it if you could tell me more.
m(_ _)m

Blazer, the creator of TLP, has been absent from the community for a pretty significant amount of time now. If this is regarding any art assets from TLP, he’s made it pretty clear that unless the original artist has already released it separately, it is not F2U/F2E. Art assets are generally why people try to get in touch with him these days and, while I don’t have ready access to his previous statements on the topic, the general theme is what I stated above.


I see.
As you guessed, someone was asking for TLP animations, so I created a topic about permission to use them.
Thank you so much for the detailed info!
It was very helpful m(_ _)m

In addition, to quote from Blazer’s Serenes profile…

Blazer’s “interests” field:
Please do not PM me about modding stuff. I’m no longer part of the community and am not interested in discussing stuff related to it. Also, I can’t give permission to use X thing of mine in Y thing or anything like that. Thank you for your understanding

He has his own community where he keeps to himself. Please do not bother him.

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Is that you, mom?!

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Oh, I’m sorry.
I guess this topic would be rude to TLP. I am still inexperienced as well.

Not really, nothing wrong with asking.


Yes, sir