About music creating and importing

Let’s go guys! Another question.

I never touched music in FEBuilderGBA. So, here are two question: How to import mp3 files into MIDI file to play in your fe game.

How to create a music from scratch to import to your game?

MP3 files cannot be converted into MIDI files. Or rather, if you want to convert an MP3 file into a MIDI file, you’ll have to choose between having it done automatically or having it done even slightly well; the latter means converting it entirely by hand and ear.

MIDI is a sequenced audio format, which means that a MIDI file essentially stores “sheet music” that the computer then “plays” using its set of instrument samples. MP3, meanwhile, is a streamed audio format, which means the whole thing is a direct recording of the music that’s technically all one sound in terms of how it’s stored. This is really simplified and may be slightly off-base, but the way MP3 files store their audio is just too different from how MIDI files store theirs for good automated conversion from the former to the latter to be possible.


There are .mp3 to midi converters. But they’re all bad. You could convert the .mp3 to .wav and insert it wholesale at the cost of an ungodly amount of free space; but I wouldn’t do that. Inserting .wav files are usually reserved for very short clips such as sound effects, voice clips, or instrument samples. If you can’t find a midi of a song you really really really need for your project I would suggest settling for a midi of a similar song you can find instead.

Two parts:

Part 1: Making music from scratch
To make your own music you’d need a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW for short) such as Anvil Studio, FL Studio, Mixcraft, etc. Whatever DAW lets you export a midi. As for the actual making of the music (i.e. composition) part itself, this forum isn’t the best place to get tips. You’d be much better off looking it up on YouTube.

Part 2: Importing to your game
You’d import it just like any other midi, adhering to the NIMAP and other limitations.

I hope this helps, happy hacking.