About CG cutscenes

Um I was wondering if there was a tool to help me make custom CG cutscene’s like in FE7.

Hope it’s not asking to much.

'Cause i really liked them in FE7 and was wonder how they made them as well.

My first guess was they pixelated real art and jammed it on to dat GBA cartrige

Who’s know’s, I could be wrong!

love- MegaCowsamMan.

You can use the ‘‘Color Reduction Tool’’ from FEGABuilder.

You can import a lot of images and most of the time they will get good results. However sometimes you will need to do some changes in order to get good results.

You should use this configs while importing the images you want.

You can create 2 images. The first one will be the image you want to import and the second one is going to be the result.