A Wild Idea - World Map Maker

So we all know that making a world map like the ones in fe7/8 is hard as hell. You not only have to have an idea of what you want it to look like but you also have to have the pixel art skills to make it look good, but what if we took apart the images of said world maps and made them into like, squares. This would be like the map creator in Febuilder(praise 7743 for making hacking so much easier kjmmkjmlkjmlkjl), but it would make WORLD maps. I’m too lazy to do this myself and, I know many other people are too, plus I don’t know shit about programming but hey, maybe someone can make this cool Idea a reality.


Ignore what I said here
Also 7743 and Alusq’s replies are great

There are many tools for making maps.
The famous one is inkarnate.


Create a map with inkarnate, convert it to the default format with the color reduction tool of FEBuilder GBA and import it, and you will have your own Worldmap.

However, Worldmap is troublesome, so I think you can display it in BG.
For example, my work uses such data.
背景画像 fe8kaitou.gba_114@72 草原の包囲網_018E46CC


Here’s another one that may be of interest. It’s simpler but tileset-based, so it’s like making a chapter map in Tiled.

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Why make a world map maker, when you can make the world map the actual map :thinking:

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