A weirdo's sprite gallery


Hello everyone, I’m WhydidImakethisaccount also known as long name .
I’ve been spriting for quite a while now and had the idea of showing my sprites
to the public. You will mostly see fe mugs here although I will be spriting other things
as well, such as item sprites and class cards. Due to various reasons, I don’t have
the time to make these frequently, so expect updates to be sporadic.
(By the way, I do take requests)

Thank you for spending your time to take a view!

All Sprites:

Custom Portraits

[details=Done]Nothing just yet, yes okay I’m lazy ;p [/details] [details=Wip][/details]



[details=Done]Nothing again… laziness[/details][details=Wip][/details]

Item Sprites


Finished that roy, may need some polishing though, any opinions?


It might just be me but the head seems slightly too left - otherwise good job :thumbsup:


That hair is suspiciously similar to my avatar dude.

Aside from that, looks kinda weird, especially the nose and the left bottom side of the face


Btw I forgot showing this, a classcard (wip).


Made these, one or two months ago.


Finally… I made it… (Palette by @feels(Lenh))


I made some Bronze weapons


I am really happy with how the axe turned out! (you could use them, if you’d like) (credit would be also nice eckSe Dee)


Here, have Fir.


Ya guys like fe4? Have a Tinne, Tinny, Teeny, Tinni, wip.

The order of parts for a portrait for me normally is 1)face) 2)clothing and the hair last ,but I really wanted to see how she would kinda look like if she had somewhat hair on. I can’t really judge how well/ bad I’ve gone so far, I’ll have to make the full sprite so I can tell. Will keep you posted with “upgrades” of the sprite.


… Why did I even bother making this?

I wasted my time




The hair is pretty much done.


Female base idk. Should probably get back to finishing Tailtiu.


Decided to make a male base as well, was a bit harder and I think I didn’t get the proportions just right but here it is anyway (will probably get back to it)


need more buff


will do
thanks for notifying.


Yes this thread is full of wips. You should never expect a finished product.


I should consider finishing a sprite sometime -.- (facepalm), btw that’s roy again cause the last one wasn’t that nice, also I hope that it will be finished by 15 of October to be used in FeResonance :eyes:
shit I shouldn’t have said that


inb4 we don’t use it in resonance