A small edit to fe8

Hello, my name is Mercy, and i would like someone to make a small hack of FE8 for me.
I’ll keep my stuff small since, A, i have no money to pay, and B, because it’s really just a few things and to be honest, i tried to do it myself and i made the prologue break.

  1. Me, mercy included in the hack, as a female mage that promotes into an archsage using ishtar animations.
  2. Circle’s skill system, what skills you assign to who is up to you whoever decides to take up my thing.
  3. Prf and S rank weapons unbreakable.
  4. a special thunder tome for myself called Thoron, a suped up thunder tome with 15 crit and 3 range
  5. a few extra classes, like master lord for ephriam, something cool for eirika, grail lord for mercenaries and archsage for my self.
  6. YOU. becuase i don’t want you to excluded from this, add yourself, do what you want to them, make them OP like seth or a starting unit with stellar growths, and whatever class you want, personal class or whatever, and a personal weapon.

Whoever decides to take up my little plea into the vast ocean, i thank you from the bottom of my heart and will be in your debt. Peace and stay safe my friends

HUGE UPDATE: I got it to work! YES! im sooo happy with it. though i have a question, is it possible to add new classes?


I’ll be happy to inform you that with modern technology, you can easily do these things on your own with FEBuilder for free.


Hate to inform you but paying for hacking is pretty illegal


Oh, fair, i suppose i should edit it before it’s taken down.

What? Why would paying someone to provide a service such as making edits to code be illegal? As long as it’s shared in .UPS it would be fine

I did try to do it myself, but i managed to break prologue as, i defeated the boss and it wouldn’t progress.

Edited it so no trouble should come off it. I ask for this because when i tried i broke the prologue.

These sound like mostly pretty easy things to do, though some of them would take some time and effort to actually do

I would suggest tackling one item at a time and whenever you get stuck with something, ask about it in the #febuilder_help chat on the discord, or start a #questions thread. People are generally happy to help with things as long as you’re making an effort yourself.

tell that to every nintendo hack/fangame ever that started accepting donations, let alone straight up payment

What about mr. donate (aka circles)? Some hacks definitely showed the donation link in their status menu screen before.

My understanding is that ultimately if nintendo had a vendetta against us, they could get the site shut down regardless of whether some users paid each other for services. Of course, it’s best to stay low profile and not to request money from users. But this isn’t a fanhack requesting money to download it. I don’t see a problem with it. People have paid for graphics and asm hacks before, haven’t they? This would just be paying for hex code / .ups code.

That said, I think it’s totally unnecessary to pay anyone. I’d rather they just bring anything they get stuck on to the appropriate help channels as they figure out how to do the things that they want.

Circles stuff is a bit more vague - he doesn’t take commission work or anything like that, it’s more like a “I would appreciate it”. I do think putting the donation screen in VBA is pretty sketchy. I’d rather keep our FE stuff out of their grasp at any rate, and I don’t think allowing this sort of thing is a good precedent for that

Yea I personally would rather avoid specifics in public, could just say something like “I’d like to commission so and so…”

Thank you.

I’ll keep this bookmarked.