A question that will shape reality

Should there be memes hidden in my game? I’m only going to make them easter eggs, so… Tell me if you think there should be some.

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It’s your game, go wild.

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no͏ ͏


Post must be at least 5 characters. What is this sorcery?


Maybe he used the power of the space bar

Memes will make your game age faster. that said they’ll also give little dope rushes to various players who find them.

I don’t like memes in games cause it’s not classy, but many players enjoy them.

It’s your call.


Depends on the tone you want to set for your hack.

I personally like more serious hacks/stories, and while I appreciate humor (even if it is simply a well-placed and clever allusion to a ‘meme’), a hack that bludgeons you over the head with meme humor will feel stale pretty quickly, at least for me.

Do what brings you joy!

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If I will, I will make them hidden. Only the most legendary players can find them.

You got to make them really clever. As in probably have a character say something in a support conversation or something that references a meme or something

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What I meant by that is maybe if someone stands on a certain space, maybe Trance 009 would play.

So more like an Easter egg (like Nintendo using Mario characters in hyrule castle in OoT).

Sounds good :+1:

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Just make a hack about memes :bigthink:


If 20 years ago it would have been shouting that “All your base are belong to us” and Grado soldiers.
But now it has also been forgotten.

For Japanese hacks, meme of gay video and Mime of buront(ブロントさん) were used.
However, over time the meme is forgotten.

If you see which memes are in use, you can know the age at which the hack was made.