A question on FE 8 Hacking

This is so strangely specific that I seriously have no idea where else I could put it. So, sorry about that.

How can I make battle calculations for Hit multiply skill by 5 instead of 3 for hit?

That’s… it.

I recommend making more descriptive titles in the future, 90% of questions here are about FE8 hacking.

Also, skill is not multiplied by 3 for weapon hit, it’s multiplied by 2.
Because of the way the game does this multiplication there isn’t an easy way to change it to anything you want by just changing numbers in a hex editor.
An easy thing you can do if you don’t want to look into assembly is change the bytes at $2ABBC to 92 00, which will make skill multiplied by 4 instead of 2. Close enough, considering you had the calculation wrong to begin with.

If you want to play more with it you will need to do some assembly, there’s no space in the orignal routine to multiply by something that’s not a factor of 2.


Thank you! That answers all my questions, corrects my mistakes, and gives me help for future stuff.

I appreciate the help.

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