A Problem with Sappy

I was in the middle of inserting songs with FEBuilder and I went through a long list of midis I had and after about 100 it just stopped working.
When I try to open Sappy now it just gives me this error.
I looked up a few things with Google and it only took me to the tutorials on how to set up Sappy and none of them even mention this. They mention failing to locate it.
I’ve tried reinstalling sappy and the modded sappy and that didn’t work. It continues to give me this error.
Any help is greatly appreciated. I’m hoping I’m just blind and missing something obvious and it’s not something terrible.

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MENU->Settings->Init setup wizard

How about trying to re-install sappy with the Init setup wizard?
vbalCbEx6 is included in the VB6 runtime.
When you install sappy with the Init setup wizard, you should also be asked about the VB6 runtime.
How about using it to reinstall the VB6 runtime?

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I got an error with the init setup wizard.
If I try to get the file form the dropbox link directly it just sits there for a few minutes and fails. I figured it was a problem with my internet but nothing else is having this problem.

For some reason, it seems that you are unable to access dropbox correctly in your environment.
I can download normally in my environment.

I’m able to download other things like battle animations from dropbox just fine. Is it the size of the download?

I forgot to reply.
I put Suppy in discord storage instead of dropbox.
FEBuilderGBA’s Init Wizard has also been changed to refer to it.
It should be available now.

It does indeed. Sappy is working now, thank you.