A new FE8 PME on the horizon (Skills included)

Hello my fellow members, I have decided to make a PME as a test of my current abilities and maybe learn something new. I’m not a man of many words so let’s establish what I’ll be doing here.

  • Skills are enabled meaning you get a personal skill +2 level up skills, leranerd at level 15 and lv10 Promoted. Please also keep the amount of strong skills you have within reason, for example if you have double lion think again if you want to include paragon or galeforce.

  • The route split will have separate units, meaning that tana from Erika route will be different from the tana from Ephraim route. This is done to increase the cast size. Credits for this idea goes to Someone

  • Custom Classes are allowed but I expect that the person submitting the class provides all the necessary animations and gives credit to the creator. Same goes for portraits, item icons etc.

  • Personal weapons are allowed but are supposed to be balanced within reason. Things that are forbidden are, S ranks in chapter 4, to many effects on a weapon and unbreakable weapons.

  • colms replacement will have locktouch as a starting skill.

  • you may switch 2 bases except hp and move.
    Strength magic split exists but I’ll give the higher of those stats to your character depending on if they are physical or magic focuded.

  • From here on regular PME things should apply with 350% growths budget.

  • Traine units and myrrh will be lv1 unpromoted, to compensate for the 9 lost levels they have a growth budget of 400% and an extra skill

  • I cannot make palettes, you have to submit your own.

  • No split promos tho

Unit Template

Unit to be replaced:
Class(if custom add details):
Promotion(if custom add details):
Stats swapped:
(Traine Skill):
Lv 15:
Lv 10P:
Growths 350% budget (traine budget 400%)
Battle animation/Map sprite/Pallette(optional):
Other stuff:


Erika is Narcian
Seth is Ms. Silky
Franz is Niall
Gilliam is Jotaro
Vanessa is Orson
Moulder is THE BOULDER
Ross is Mr. Bones
Garcia is Everett
Neimie is Keqing
Colm is Annie
Arthur is Selina
Ephraim is Jordan
Tana (Erika)
Amelia (Erika)
Gerik (Erika)
Tethys (Erika)
Marisa (Erika)
L’arachel (Erika)
Dozla (Erika)
Ewan (Erika)
Cormag (Erika)
Rennac (Erika)
Amelia (Ephraim)
Tanna (Ephraim)
Cormag (Ephraim)
L’arachel (Ephraim)
Dozla (Ephraim) is Xapan
Ewan (Ephraim)
Marisa (Ephraim)
Gerik (Ephraim)
Thethys (Ephraim)
Rennac (Ephraim)

Have fun from here on.


Yet another! Very tempted to try and think of more weird character concepts to play around with, but we’ll have to see if I stop playing the new game long enough to think on it. Hehehe.

Good luck with this one~


Oh boy, another PME. Welp, Here I go memeing again.
Unit to be replaced: Erika
Name: Narcian
Gender: Male
Affinity: Dark
Class(if custom add details): Wyvern Rider, but give him axes
Promotion(if custom add details): Wyvern Lord, but give him axes too lol
Stats swapped: Erika has no bases except luck lol, so swap luck and defense
(Traine Skill):
Personal: Charisma
Lv 15: Lancefaire
Lv 10P: Devil’s Reversal
Growths 350% budget (traine budget 400%)
Realized the template didn’t have hp and had to panic allocate growths lol, whoops
HP: 80
STR: 60
MAG: 0
SPD: 60
SKL: 35
LCK: 10
DEF: 60
RES: 45
Battle animation/Map sprite/Pallette(optional):
Other stuff:
Mirror Axe - Prf, iron axe with two less might, but it targets res.
Iron Axe
Description: Best Boy
Death Quote: No… but, my speed is good this time… why…

Credits: This is just an fe7 portrait lol
Wyvern Lord axe animation (Credit to TheBlindArcher):

Wyvern Lord handaxe animation(Credit to TheBlindArcher again here):

Wyvern Rider axe animation (credit to Mikey Seregon, Alfred Kamon):

Wyvern Rider handaxe animation(Credit to Mikey Seregon, Alfred Kamon):


Oh boy, here we go again!

Portrait: (Credit: me!)
Moulder THE BOULDER {UltraxBlade}

Unit to be replaced: Moulder
Name: Moulder
Description: THE BOULDER
Gender: Male
Affinity: [whatever his vanilla affinity is]
Class: Priest
Promotion: Bishop

Personal: Counter
Lv15: Countermagic
Lv10P: Provoke

Stats swapped: Speed, Defense
Growths 350% budget
HP: 105%
Str: 40%
Mag: 5%
Speed: 0%
Skill: 50%
Luck: 40%
Def: 105%
Res: 5%
(I know it’s not within the rules, but if you’re willing give him maxed-out Con for the lols)

Battle animation: FE-Repo/Battle Animations/Magi - Holy-Type/[Priest-Reskin] [M] Buff Moulder +Muscles by Vilkalizer at main · Klokinator/FE-Repo · GitHub (pretty sure it works with Moulder’s vanilla palette?)
Inventory: Big Rock*, Recover, Vulnerary
Personal weapon: Big Rock – A big, heavy rock. 12mt, 80 hit, 50 uses, 1 range, physical (classify it as a monster weapon), grants Wary Fighter while equipped


Random question, are we allowed to replace bosses as well? Or is this a playable- only PME?

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Unit to be replaced: Artur
Name: Selina
Gender: Female
Affinity: Anima
Class: Archer
Promotion: Sniper
Stats swapped: Speed and Con
(Traine Skill):
Personal: Point Black
Lv 15: Double Lion
Lv 10P: Critical Force
Growths 350% budget (traine budget 400%)
HP: 60%
STR: 70%
MAG: 0%
SPD: 70%
SKL: 60%
LCK: 50%
DEF: 20%
RES: 20%

Battle animation/Map sprite/Pallette(optional):

Archer animations

Hunter F Stand
Hunter F Move
Sniper Animations

Other stuff: Can you give her a prf unbreakable bow with the same stats as an iron bow but grants +3 Speed

Portrait made by Sterling_Glovner
Hunter move and stand animations made by MeatOfJustice
Archer animations made by flashuban
Sniper Animations made by Nuramon

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Unit to be replaced: Franz (Another thing, another Franz stolen!)
Name: Niall
Description: A boy hailing from a fishing village. He looks like a bad guy but is just easily embarrassed.
Gender: Male
Affinity: Thunder

Class(if custom add details): Flagbearer (Basically just T1 Recruit, the one with 31 lance rank, doesn’t promote, level 30 max)

Stats swapped: SKL/DEF

Skills~ (Downed skill levels since he can’t promote and the biggest niche is to buff and heal, he can fight but mostly self defence, hopefully this is acceptable!)
Personal: Breath of Life
Lv 10: Drive Strength
Lv 20: Drive Speed

HP: 65%
STR: 40%
MAG: 10%
SPD: 40%
SKL: 60%
LCK: 55%
DEF: 50%
RES: 30%


Battle animation:

Map sprite: ((Recruit??))

Other stuff: Stormbearer - PRF lance that gives Rally Resistance, probably. Just an Iron Lance aside from that though.
Credits: Dutch Introvert for Flagbearer


Unit to be replaced: Ephraim
Name: Jordan
Gender: F
Description: A Mage in search for the ultimate power
known to be cruel and snide.
Class: Mage
Stats swapped: SPD for LCK
Personal: Perfectionist
Lv 15: Adept
Lv 10P: Tome Range +1
STR: 30
MAG: 60
SPD: 50
SKL: 50
LCK: 50
DEF: 25
RES: 35
Kanna F2E OC 62
Battle animation/Map sprite/Pallette:

Battle Animation Palette Sacred Stones Base Skill sys.gba_6C
Battle Animation Palette Sacred Stones Base Skill sys.gba_6F

above code is usable for both mage and sage

Battle Animation Palette Sacred Stones Base Skill sys.gba_74

Other stuff: Change Reginleif into a spell called “Terra” with this animation

And this icon
{Ereshkigal} Tome 3

Siegmund will be called “Masterquake” you can use this for the anim

And this icon {Ereshkigal} Unique 9

Credits: Portrait By Kanna, Spell Anims by Norikins, Item icons by Ereshkigal


Hmm… I guess I’ll make Seth’s replacement.

Unit to be replaced: Seth
Name: Ms. Silky
Gender: Female
Affinity: Dark
Class(if custom add details): Baellistician (An Elder Bael that can use bows and ballistas)
Promotion(if custom add details): None.
Stats swapped: Str and Luck
(Traine Skill):
Personal: Acrobat
Lv 15: Canto+
Lv 10P: Critical Force
Growths 350% budget (traine budget 400%)
HP: 90
STR: 45
MAG: 5
SPD: 50
SKL: 50
LCK: 45
DEF: 60
RES: 5

Battle animation/Map sprite/Pallette(optional):

FE-Repo/Battle Animations/Monsters - Basic Types/[Spider-Variant] (U) Bael-lista!! by DATonDemand at main · Klokinator/FE-Repo · GitHub

Other stuff:
PRF - Artemis Arrow (A Ballista that ignores defense)
{Seal} (SacredWar) Ballista 1
Portrait: An odd Dutch Introvert
Battle Animation: DATonDemand
Icon: Seal


Unit to be replaced: Gilliam
Name: Jotaro
Gender: Male
Affinity: Anima
Class(if custom add details): Fighter
Promotion(if custom add details): Berserker
Stats swapped: Defense and Luck
Personal: Heavy Strikes
Lv 15: Axefaith
Lv 10P: Colossus
Growths 350% budget (traine budget 400%)
HP: 90%
STR: 50%
MAG: 0%
SKL: 45%
SPD: 45%
LCK: 20%
DEF: 50%
RES: 50%
Jotaro {ZeMedic}.png
Battle animation/Map sprite/Pallette(optional): Coming later
Other stuff:
Starts with B rank axes
Inventory: Hammer, Halberd, Brave Axe
Description: Yare yare daze…
Credits: ZeMedic for portrait

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I won’t make weapons unbreakable but I’ll keep the rest.

Nope only playables rn

I’ll consider these wishes but won’t promise I’ll grant everything.


Unit to be replaced: Ross
Name: Mr. Bones
Gender: Dead
Affinity: Dark
I Forgor the whole “Trainee Units get to be level 1 units” thing. Wops
Class(if custom add details): Shaman
Promotion(if custom add details): Summoner.
Stats swapped: Speed and Defence
(Trainee Skill): Paragon
Personal: Short Shield
Lv 15: Tomefaire
Lv 10P: Staff Savant
Growths 350% budget (trainee budget 400%)
HP: 75
STR: 0
MAG: 100
SPD: 50
SKL: 50
LCK: 0
DEF: 75
RES: 50
Cantor {Matthieu, L95}

Battle animation/Map sprite/Pallette(optional):
Other stuff:
Description: A skeleton that REALLY wants to be a dark magician. It is unknown why he’s so obsessed.
Death Quote: I lay myself face down, and end my turn.
Ending: Mr. Bones would later become a well respected noble of a far off land. No one has any idea where this land is, or what he did to get there.
Credits: L95 for the portrait.


Unit to be replaced: Dozla
Name: Xapan
Gender: Male
Affinity: Dark
Class(if custom add details): Oni Chieftain (Uses dark and axes)
Stats swapped: Spd for magic
(Traine Skill):
Lv 15: Grizly wound
Lv 10P: Wary Fighter
Growths 350% budget
HP : 70%
STR: 35%
MAG: 45%
SPD: 0%
SKL: 45%
LCK: 65%
DEF: 35%
RES: 55%
Generic Armor (Dutch Introvert)

Battle animation/Map sprite/Pallette(optional):
oni chief

Other stuff:
Desc: A man lost in madness, death follows his every move
Death Quote: Don’t stop…dancing… don’t stop dancing…
Portrait: An Odd Dutch Introvert
Battle animation: ドラドラゴ aka Dora Drago

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I’ve a feeling a bunch of people are going to do a lot of dark magic users again if the last two having dark access is anything to go by, so uh…

Unit to be replaced: Neimi
Name: Keqing
Description: An exorcist-in-training with a split personality. Likes lollipops.
Gender: No one knows (Probably just male for gameplay)
Affinity: Light

Class(if custom add details): Exorcist Archer (‘Holy Arch.’ if too long?)
Promotion(if custom add details): Exorcist Sniper (‘Exorcist’ if too long?)

Bow+Light magic (Just uses the Archer/Sniper animation for light magic), stats are about the same as their original classes.

Stats swapped:

Personal: Slayer
Lv 15: Fury
Lv 10P: Lifetaker

HP: 45%
STR: 60%
MAG: 60%
SPD: 50%
SKL: 60%
LCK: 30%
DEF: 15%
RES: 30%



Other stuff:


Sheeeeh damn good pls add this

oh I made an error, could you switch the grizly wound and wary fighter level around? plan is to give em wary first

Unit to be replaced: Garcia
Name: Everett
Gender: Male
Affinity: Wind
Description: A deadly swordfighter from an unknown land. Has an unexpected gentle side to him.
Class(if custom add details): Myrmidon
Promotion(if custom add details): Swordmaster
Stats swapped: Luck and Defense
Personal: Death Blow
Lv 15: Life and Death
Lv 10P: Killing Machine
Growths 350% budget (traine budget 400%)
HP: 65%
STR: 55%
MAG: 0%
SKL: 75%
SPD: 75%
LCK: 50%
DEF: 15%
RES: 15%
By LaurentLaicrox

Battle animation/Map sprite/Palette(optional): Coming later
Other stuff: Starts with a Killing Edge, Iron Sword, and Vulnerary

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Unit to be replaced: Vanessa
Name: Orson
Description: A dead man walking
Gender: Male
Affinity: Ice

Class(if custom add details): Phantom

Promotion(if custom add details):
Silver Knight
(Has full weapon triangle, has same promo gains as a regular paladin except gains +4 con )

Stats swapped: Defense and Strength
(Traine Skill):
Personal: Axefaith
Lv 15: Hex
Lv 10P: Outrider
Growths 350% budget (traine budget 400%)
HP: 80
STR: 50
MAG: 0
SPD: 60
SKL: 50
LCK: 50
DEF: 50
RES: 10
Battle animation/Map sprite/Pallette(optional):
Silver Knight animations
Phantom animation

Other stuff: He comes with a Killer Axe, Iron Axe, and a Vulnerary

Portrait made by GenericPrestel
Paladin animations made by bluedruid (Team Salavaged)
Phantom animation made by The blind archer

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Unit to be replaced: Colm
Name: Annie
Gender: Female
Affinity: Dark
Class(if custom add details): Thief
Promotion(if custom add details): Rogue
Stats swapped: Skill and Defense
(Traine Skill):
Personal: Canto+
Lv 15: Spur Defense
Lv 10P: Spur Luck
Growths 350% budget (traine budget 400%)
HP: 50
STR: 75
MAG: 0
SPD: 75
SKL: 40
LCK: 25
DEF: 75
RES: 10
Its_Just_Jay F2E 4
Battle animation/Map sprite/Pallette(optional):
Other stuff:
Description - A mysterious thief girl. Often mutters to herself about things that make no sense.
Death Quote - Ah… but, the queen was…
Ending: Once the fighting was over, Annie disappeared without a trace, though Narcian’s things have gone missing more and more frequently since then.
Credits to ItsJustJay for the portrait


Wich dozla are you replacing I have 2

Neimi is taken