A little problem of mine

So I’m currently making a hack, and for some reason, in one of the chapters, the red units don’t load. There were also instances that the other green unit wasn’t loading instead. Does anyone know how to fix this?

As for the 7z report, here it is.

Red units in this chapter don’t load at times. If not those, then Max doesn’t load

Max will not load if ASM is broken.

Infinite references are being generated by the broken bl.
This happens when there is no label for the bl destination in ASM.
If you compiled on FEBuilderGBA, such an error should be reported automatically, but you may have compiled in another environment, or some strange patch may have caused this.
At any rate, vanilla is “bl 0x0802b9a0 //GetStatIncrease” so I fixed it that way.
I don’t know if this is correct.
It seems to be working for now.

I was not sure about the Red Units not showing up.
It does not reproduce.
Maybe the problem with GetStatIncrease has something to do with it.

FELint was detecting a few other errors, so I fixed them anyway.
Please check the 7z attached.

Since you went to the trouble of creating a report7z, you need to post it or link to it in the FEBuilderGBA thread so I will be aware of it.
This time I opened your thread just by accident.