A concept of a tool of FE editing

Just a concept now. It came to me several months ago but now I have no plan to complete it. I think it may be a helpful tool if completed so I share the idea with you here.

If I have a rom now, I want to get some information which is helpful,such as a sheet of characters\classes\items\growth and so on. How to do that? Maybe the easiest method is to searching for a wiki of it on the Internet, but most hacks may not have their own wiki. Then I think I can use Nightmare to scan the info myself but it is quite inefficient. If there is a tool to extract the data I need to a database like SQL, it helps a lot. What’s more, we can manage our data conveniently in SQL and directly insert it into rom by the tool.

To conclude, it is a tool to extract info useful from rom to SQL and insert it into rom. Quite simple but useful to both players and hackers. We don’t need to use Nightmare to view or edit it one by one (0x01-0xFF).

I believe its realization is not difficult (geting pointers from rom for addresses, extracting data from rom to database and inserting it into rom) but I won’t realize it myself, so I leave it here.(Of course, I don’t expect anyone to make it but maybe someone has an interest in it.)

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We can add it as either an extension of nightmare or as its own module to FE Editor Suite.

*Sweet FE