A Chinese FE8 hack---the Crystal of Wisdom

Why so many familiar animaions? Who made them? Permission? Credit?

PS: I have his photos and address.XD

Most of what they stole was from TU or from fe7if(which had it’s stuff stolen from various people here).

i don’t even understand the person’s response though; like what even is the last part lol

And it seems we’re still the only community that has wonky over-31 stats and not nice looking ones like that hack :frowning: .

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poor TLP… getting their stuff snagged :\

the creator of that hack sounds like a cuntrocket

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maybe you should take a peek at it :B

As for the over-31 stats, it is not his work.

And frankly it’s annoying/would be great if we could steal their asm XD

This translation is now the highlight of my day ahaha

Tell me we can borrow this permanently, please.

I’m slightly disappointed that they seal mugs and animations, yet they still use vanilla maps…

Right? I guess the power of the language barrier prevents our map software from being useful to them.

No need. The trick is quite simple. What’s more, over-31 is not his work. I just hope he is able to do that, but it seems that he can only steal sprites.

As a Chinese hack despise him!

I think he’s pretty much asking why us Western community hackers take so much pride in copyrighting our stuff.

It’s like saying “Oh, it’s there so why can’t I use it?” which I’ve seen in pretty much every “You stole my work who gave you permission” scenarios started by our community.

I think the last part is supposed to be an analogy that’s basically asking “Why do we making such a big deal out of this?”

No wonder why we don’t have a good over-31 stat display. Our stuff isn’t open-sourced like theirs.

I don’t quite understand that myself. If you make something, doesn’t it make you proud to see people think it’s good enough that they want to use it as well?

It’s a courtesy to ask before you use, unless it’s part of a public resource collection. I don’t think there’s really a problem with that mindset, but there’s not much we can do about it when they don’t speak our language. The author seems quite rude, regardless.

Public resources are the only real “solution” to art theft; if people have enough to work with available to them, they won’t really need to steal things that aren’t specifically marked “free to use.” It isn’t a perfect answer, by any means, but it would certainly help.


nice car i’ll just take it
nice shirt i’ll just take it
nice meal i’ll just take it
nice x i’ll just take it

seeing something wrong yet

it’s literally just ask; it’s no wonder that many of the people who’ve had their work stolen rarely ever post things in the public eye anymore

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Oh boy it’s /that/ discussion again.

The difference being that if I take your car, you no longer have a car. If I ‘take’ your sprite, you still have it. I’ve merely made a copy, of which unlimited copies can be made.

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It’s not about the specific thing, it’s about how the concept of ownership applies. Artists own the works by retaining authority over their usage. When they post them publicly, that is an exercise of their ownership, not a license for anyone to come along and violate the artist’s wishes just because “oh well it’s on the internet now it belongs to EVERYONE!”

Oh boy it’s /that/ discussion again.
[/quote]I’m sorry, did I start up something for once? Whoops.

The difference being that if I take your car, you no longer have a car. If I ‘take’ your sprite, you still have it. I’ve merely made a copy, of which unlimited copies can be made.
[/quote]I think a general mindset is that if it’s not “right-click copy paste”, don’t take it. Stuff like that can’t be easily replaced when taken. If it’s all digital, it’s very easy to duplicate it effortlessly. I get the feeling that they do it under the impression that it won’t hurt the original creator’s feelings.

copy-paste was a mistake

it’s the idea that it’s exactly the same
and who said taking my car meant never coming back, you can bring it back and I still will report you for grand theft auto

stop being so specific, why do you think I included

No. It’s not. That’s a fallacy. It’s always been a fallacy.

If I take your car and then return it any x amount of time later, you’ve been deprived for that amount of time from driving your car.

Short of moving a file off your hard drive and putting it onto mine, copying a sprite is not theft. You still have your sprite. You are not deprived of it.

That’s the fallacy, you implied ‘copying’ = ‘theft’. If you had said me scanning your car and poofing an exact copy into existence and driving off with it, then it’s no longer a fallacy.