A Bystander's Fantasy (FE8, Beta 1.5)

Salutations, people!

I apologise for the typos in this post.

I made a hack called A Bystander’s Fantasy (or Fire Emblem: A Bystander’s Fantasy.)!
It’s a small hack that I made in my free time with stolen assets from the FE Repo and Music Repo.
Well, and with help from a few friends of mine.

Download the hack here!

The hack is pretty easy, so expect Hard Mode to be as hard as Halo 3: ODST on Legendary.
I’m a novice hacker and game designer, so don’t expect much.
Oh! And it’s in beta because I can’t do everything by myself.

I’ll make a Discord server when Jim Cramer gives good financial advice.

I'm normal
I hate smoking wet cows

Pointless background info So, uhhh... I started making this hack after I made a bunch of maps for fun and showing them off to friends. I worked on the hack for a while, then I got burnt out for quite a while, then I played Doki Doki: New Eyes, and got extremely motivated to work on the hack again. The amount of motivation I got was unreal. I love New Eyes. It was hard at first since I'm a boomer FE7 hacker, but I got accustomed to FE8 pretty quickly. I still get nightmares about FEditorAdv. Get it? GET IT?!?!??!?

Yeah… the hack kinda just happened…
There’s no real strong vision for it.
It was made for no reason.

Also, I would like to apologise for maps that feel similar to maps from other games.
I dunno.

Then my friends started to notice how much progress I was making on this and say that I should share it to the world.
And well, I finally shared it.

I think the hack in its current state is good enough to share.

"Plot" Ummm... Bad guys invade your country and do bad things... Like giving Sunny D to orphans. Now that is beyond cruel, eh?

And uh…
The prince wants revenge and stuff.
Because he’s the number one super guy!
Oh, and he’s mad.
He’s mad because the bad guys killed his family and stole his Bratz doll collection.

Oh, and the continent is called Uddiyana.
Okay, that’s all I got.

Oh! Hack features! Uhhh... This hack has like... 30-something chapters. A story that's about as cringe as my long-gone GeoCities page. Skills! Everybody likes skills, right? 2-range bows and 4 Mov knights because balancing is my passion. A copious amount of playable characters! Weight doesn't matter anymore, so ignore the Wt stat on weapons. Reverse Mode if you want a little bit more challenge! I dunno what else to put here.
Things I wanna add The Basara class! A unit that can use lances and light magic! Promotion for Soldier and Monk. The Kinshi Knight class! I thought Dark Flier would be redundant. Base stat based promotion. New map palettes! Maybe pink fields or whatever. Fantasy stuff. I dunno what I want. God Save the Que- King for the main menu. A custom battle frame! Less bugs! I dunno what else I want. It'll come to my mind sooner or later. This hack lacks a... clear vision.

None of these will probably get added, but a man can dream!

Maybe people can post here.
I dunno.

Issues that plague this poor hack Vantage doesn't work. Probably because of Reverse Mode -- I'm so good at hacking! I think the best solution is to disable Vantage when Reverse Mode is on. I have no idea on how to edit skills.

Units with ID past 0x46 won’t get their retain their unpromoted skills when they promote. //I dunno why.

The turn count in the end doesn’t work. //I still don’t know why.

Credits! If I missed anyone, please tell me!

Team Boukansha:
Eventing: Marsh
Maps: Marsh with help from Hanes and Cinder
Game design: Marsh with help from Hanes and Cinder //I’m not a good game designer, so I asked for their help a lot.
Palettes: Marsh
“Writing”: Marsh
Stealing: Marsh //I should work for the CRA.
Playtesters (Galletas): Hanes, Cinder, and Marsh!
Social filter: Hanes //My social skills are on par with Paul Erdős.
Special thanks: FraustWyvern, the Minerva lover! <3


FEBuilder by 7743
Toggleable Reverse Mode by Scraiza
Malig Knight by Pikmin1211, Jj09, 7743, and Jey the Count
Halberdier by the TheBlindArcher.
Halberdier class card and map sprite by TBA
Mage Knight lance by Teraspark
Mage Knight sword (F) by Aruka and Kenpuhu //They didn’t have a lance animation. :c
Dark Knight animation by Jj09, Leo_Link, DerTheVaporeon, and flashuban
Dark Knight class card by Pikmin1211 and Jj09
Dark Knight map sprite by Pikmin1211, Nuramon, and Der
Trickster animation by Leo_Link
Trickster class card by Jj09, Scraiza, and Sword of HaE
Trickster map sprite by StreetHero and blood
War Monk by DerTheVaporeon
Ephraim axe animation by Belle and St jack
Eirika repalette by Teraspark
Lover 4 by SurfingKyogre
Wild Fields by pandan and/or A_Reliable_Chair //I don’t know if bread man or chair man did it. x_x
Mayor’s Meeting by pandan
Endless Battle by RSfllame
Barbarians by Dolkar
For Whose Sake by SurfingKyogre
Hollow Bastion by Tristan_Hollow
Beware the Forest Mushrooms by pandan //I don’t think you can even hear this one, but I’m still gonna credit bread man.
Expedition by Swift Saturn
Alm Enemy Phase by hypergammaspaces
Driftveil City by Feier
Beyond the Distant Skies by Ryan Pruitt //I ripped this from The Last Promise, but I hope I got the creator right.
Night of Fate by RandomWizard
Anxiety by Alusq
Dance in the Skies or Snow by Pikmin1211
Sky Tower by RandomWizard
Deep Dungeon by RandomWizard
Encounter With The Renegades by A_Reliable_Chair //I fixed the typo!
In Pursuit by Alusq
Boss Battle (FE5) by Dolkar
Circus Battle by RandomWizard
Sacrifice Part 3 by RandomWizard and Gigasoft
Tearful Shadows by RSflame
Doki Doki Literature Club! by Pikmin1211
Event Battle by Sme
Battle 2 by Tristan_Hollow
Life at Garreg Mach Monastery by Sme
Main Theme by Pikmin1211
Mii Channel Theme by MysteriousDancer
Shop (Twilight Princess) by Sme
The Dream is Over by MysteriousDancer
Somewhere to Belong by Sme
Lance 13 by Zarg
Extra 49 (Lance) by Ereshkigal
Bronze Sword by Zelix
Bronze Lance by Zelix
Bronze Axe by Zelix
Bronze Box by Zelix //Kinda redundant, eh?
Rapier by Beansy
Thunder 3 by Lief
Thunder 7 by Lief
Fire 5 by Lief
Anima 20 by Ereshkigal
Dark 6 by Lief
Dark 4 by Lief
Slime by 2WB
Light 4 by Lief
Light 5 by Lief
Light 7 by Lief //I really, really like Lief’s work.
Icon 054 (Light) by Peerless
Razor by Arch
Ruin by Orihara_Saki
Waste by Orihara_Saki
Slime by Arch
Static Thoron by Arch
Dire Thunder by Orihara_Saki
Flame Sweep by Scraiza
Smite by Beansy //I think I had to replace this one.
Vertical Light Blast by Scraiza
Dulam by Arch and Comaythanki
FE7 portraits with FE8 colours by Eldritch Abomination
FE6 portaits with FE8 colours by… somebody? //HELP ME!!!
Blinking Wendy (or Gwendolyn) by Obsidian Daddy
Background Screen by Kirb_1
FE9-10 CG Rips by… a person //GOD, HELP ME!!! PLEASE!!!
Dancer Sword by Circleseverywhere
Celica Map 1 by pandan
GloryRuin by Mycahel
Precious Things by pandan
Alm Map 1 by pandan
Beneath a New Light by Pikmin1211
Inescapable Fate by RandomWizard
Mushihimesa - Stage 1 by pandan
Memories of Green by Sme
Distant Travels by A_Reliable_Chair
Across the Desert by SurfingKyorgre
The Kingdom of Bern by Tristan_Hollow
Army of Agustria by SurfingKyorgre
Midna’s Lament by MysteriousDancer
Lonely Town by Sme
Underworld by pandan
Thracia 776 - Map B - B FE7 by Yuka Tsujiyoko
Voices of the Temple by pandan
Army of Thracia by SurfingKyogre
Army of Verdane by pandan
At the Bottom of Night by Sme

Great Lord (M) Ephraim Infantry Lance by Snewping
Ephraim Heavy Infantry by Nuramon
Female Dark Knight by Jj09, Leo_Link, DerTheVaporeon, and flashuban

/// (V)・∀・(V) ///

The Last Promise
Souls of the Forest
Vision Quest
Some other hacks that I can’t remember right now.

Oh, and I used their eventing as… references.
Like those people who copy and paste code from Stack Overflow and modify it just a little bit.
I’m one of those people.

I’m sorry.
I didn’t want to spend a lot of time banging my head against the wall.
Originality ain’t my thing.

My mom wanted me to tell you that this hack requires an American version of FE8 to play.
You patch it with like… NUPs or something.
I dunno.

I think that’s it.
Thank you!

Okay, I’m gonna go hide now.


Pre-emptive Things That I Would Call Bugs:
Notable in Ch 2 Pure; Ephraim is the main lord despite Eirika being our first party member.
Notable in Ch 8 Question; the Axe Wyvern Rider active map sprite slides, I’ve made a fix here.

(The reason I noticed these was because without a sound room, I had to find out what Beyond Distant Skies you were talking about.)

These units don’t have Battle-Win-Loss data, which is where skills are saved into.

The Skill System overrides this section of save data.

This is a vanilla track. It’s Roy’s first map theme. It’s also called “Beneath a New Light” but I don’t know which one is the more official translation at this point.

This effort was by Lenh.


Hey, just wanna ask if the link leading to ‘file was deleted’ is an intentional takedown or just accidental.


Sup, FEU!
Sorry for being silent! Being lazy is hard work!
I’m back with a new update for my hack, A Bystander’s Fantasy!
Beta 1.5!
If it was be Beta 1.6, I’d update it four times in a day! Hahaha!
…That joke fell flat. Sorry!
Yeah, I was on vacation in some backwater country and my social life is a bigger joke than Slovakia’s navy, so I had some time to update the hack.

So I added new music…
Fixed some bugs.
Updated skills, like…
Opportunist is now +5 damage.
Tanitivy’s range has been reduced to 2 range instead of 3.
Gentilhomme does -3 damage instead of -2 damage.

Oh! I broke enemy staff users, but I’m not talented enough to fix that. Sorry.
I broke them in the name of difficulty! Haha!

I’ve increased caps from 35 to 40 because I’ve mindlessly inflate-
I mean, I’ve raised caps to 40 for… “game design” reasons.

Well, and I buffed HP for some reason.
I was probably on LSD with my pal Heath.
Wait, that was a long time ago.
Eh, probably explains the many questionable choices I made in the hack.

And I added screenshots.

OK, I’m gonna play some Samba de Amigo.