A bunch of ideas for a game i plan to make

I felt like this would fit better as a forum post.

These are ideas for a game(not an hack)i plan to make one day.

  • The number of in game stats is reduced : str ,luck, def, res ,possibly mag and spd?

  • The battle system has been completrly changed : now instead of battle being automated ,you actually have a 10 second fight event where you, well, fight(i was thinking about using the sonic battle(that gba sonic fighting game) battle system)

As for crits, they are decided by a(invisible) bar that increase every time you do an action depending on luck. If said unit has a personnal fighting skill, he will use that skill.

Whoever initiates the fight get a luck event(not decided by the luck stat, this time) where 3 cards get drawn that decides : what happens,When does it happens(beggining of the fight, randomly once during the fight, after the fight) ,and how effective it will be.

  • During the game, your army will go to different towns, where you can move freely in(like fates’ my castle). They will act like a sort of hub, you could accept quests from the villagers, buy weapons, forge, etc.

  • The main storyline won’t be as important as fe games’ , as i plan the story to be more about a group of mercenaries doing mercenaries things rather than something like roar dragons evil sorcerers

  • The actual management of things like money, base, well-being of your team, will be much more important, as you’ll have to do thing like pay taxes, make sure your mercs are happy, and buy food/other thing needed to survive

  • since we’re talking about mercenaries, to actually recruit units, most of the time you’ll have to recruit them and pay them

This list will most likely be updated with more ideas later


I’m loving the original concepts you have going so far, Kirb. Keep up the good work!

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I like the ideas. However, I have to say this on every “here are some ideas post”.

Anyone can come up with ideas, only some people can put those ideas into effect. Please make a demo first if you plan on asking people for help.


I have been working alone on building a tech demo for the main game engine, but i wanted to post that here because i felt like i was going too far with my ideas(it started as an fe fan game, and then it kept getting further and further away from fe)

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While I totally agree with you, he wasn’t asking for help. Idk if I’m misinterpreting your meaning but imo this just comes off as rude. Sorry if I’m overstepping my boundaries here, I don’t intend for this to start a fight. Anyways, there are some cool ideas in here Kirb.

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Oh no, I know he didn’t ask for help. I just said that if he’s planning to, he should make a demo first.