A bit of an outsider, but willing to learn more!

Hey, name’s Slumburger, but you can call me Slum if you wish!
I’ve been in the discord for a little bit but I’ve finally gotten around to making an account on here.
I’m working on a small little FE8 hack, with a demo currently out that you can play on the server.

Despite working on a hack, I’ve admittedly played very little of the series. But I do find the core gameplay really engaging and I’ve been trying to play more of the official games. Maybe my outsider perspective will give me a more interesting vision for my romhacks? Who knows!

Still, I’m very impressed by how things are run here. Having a dedicated repo for romhacking resources is really great, and it reminds me a lot of SMW Central’s resources. Honestly FE romhacking has probably been the smoothest experience I’ve had working on a romhack of any sort, so I thank the community for making it easy for newcomers!


Welcome Slumburger hope you enjoy your time here

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Welcome! I’ll be happy to playtest your hack!

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It’s in the discord server, but I have plans to post it in the forums very soon once I get the permissions to post links.

Welcome to FEU! I am Glofrithu and you can call me Glofi if you want. I like to help people with art and other resources. Feel free to send me a DM here or on Discord anytime. Enjoy your stay!

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Thanks! I send you a DM on Discord!

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