1.Editing EXP for defeating Enemy and 2.Making Animations[1] in options act like Animations[2]

  1. EXP from defeating enemies.
    Ok, I’m sure this has been answered before because I remember reading a topic about this
    and it was simple. Now I can’t find that topic either here or in Serenes.
    (and I should have copied the liked back then).

Current formula:
[Experience from doing damage + (Experience from defeating (base) + 20 + Boss bonus + Thief bonus, take as 0 if negative)] x Silencer bonus

Basically I want to change/edit the number “20” in the formula.
It should be a simple hex edit on a byte, but i can’t find that thread anywhere…

  1. Making “Animations Type[1]” in the options menu have the same effect like “Animations Type[2]”
    forcing the battle backgrounds to always display during combat, no matter what the player selects.

This thread has doc on where the +20xp for killing a thief is calculated, so the +20 for defeating an enemy should be right around that area.

The document link was broken but your clue helped me find these:

EXP on Kill (=20)
At offset 2C480 change byte 14(=20) (<-Had wrote a wrong offset here…edited and fixed)

Bonus Boss EXP (=40)
At offset 2C3FA change byte 28(=40)

As for the EXP on Thief Kill (=20) (2C3EE)
the attribute can be given either as a Class ability
or as a Character ability
allowing you to make specific classes (ex. unplayble monster classes)
or characters (ex. ID 0x82 and 0x80 are both labeled as generic"Grado", you can make 0x82 a special generic ID)
to grant extra modified EXP as much as you want.

If you have the “Thief Key” skill on both Class and ID unit at the same time, they won’t stack.
Only one of these will count.