Zeroing/nullifying mov FEDS style (based on AI parameters?)

I had nothing on $D90130, and the danger zone no longer works.

EDIT: Even selecting an unit freezes the game.

Just to be sure, this is FE7(U)? PM me a patch and I’ll take a look

Yes, it’s FE7(U).
I’ll send you the patch right now.

Yeah the patch also did not work for me. I think it’s because you have zeroes in the free space, while the vanilla rom has random junk data. You can compile the asm yourself and paste it into the rom manually (this way you can choose your own free space to put it in), or you could copy over the $D90130-189 range from a clean rom before applying the patch.


It works perfectly!

I was wondering…

…how hard would it be to turn this into a status effect?
Like, Leg Bind.

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shouldn’t your game be out already what are you doing coming up with status effects


Replacing an existing one like Sick, pretty easy. Making a completely new one might be more trouble.


ghast niichan
the players want to immobilize Fa
I need to hear their voices
their pervy thoughts
this hack is aaaabsolutely necessary!

…OK, back to work. -sigh-


so I’m assuming the next logical step in your wizardly pilgrimage to hacking Goddom is breaking the hackbox, Ryru style, right?


Yeah, replacing Sick is perfect!
As for the actual Sick status that @Crazycolorz5 was making, he’ll find a way to add more statuses when he comes back, I guess

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No pls

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just patched it to fe7. Gonna make a short demo video

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Adding more statuses is a lot less trivial than modifying the ones that are already there. Though I could be wrong.

Edit: Oh that that’s basically what circles said lol


Just opening up the shoulders would be a huge difference, tbh.

could you stop giving me ideas I’m supposed to be making chapters

Actually maybe if you added extra tiles to the end and edited the TSA?

but even if it worked you’d have to edit every portrait in the game to fit the new hackbox and then insert your mugs manually. If you’ve never tried to insert a portrait without FEditor let’s just say it’s awful and it made me give up on hacking for years
Unless you loaded the extra tiles as separate images? but that’s also super complicated gah

E: scratch that, there’s only room for 2x4 tiles, forgot about blinking and mouth frames

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What if you got rid of the mouth tile that only shows up in the status screen and replaced it with other graphics?

@GeneralCiraxis How did you break the hackbox??

wait… is that just two mugs next to each other? That’s fucking genius


lol yeah that’s what I did. It’s really awkward to implement though and only really works during dialogue scenes. The unit itself uses a class card that you can see when the stat screen is open, which is also why it lacks a chibi. I’m sure there’s a way around that but I can’t be assed to do so.

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you could insert an alliance mini mug on the sheet that has the alliance mini portraits