What's your favorite part of testing your Chapters?

Well, the part that I love when it comes to testing the chapters is that those animations work perfectly, which are so difficult to make that everything fits perfectly on the screen as it should be. Like the animations of the Demon King when you take away his soul using the Rausten stone or when he appears and starts to shine the floor around him, that is so exciting when you get it right.

I also forgot, I like getting surprised by things I forgot I added. Like having that fighter with a Hammer walk up and slam my armor, or the light magic critting you, or axe users hitting you for like 15+ damage and it’s shocking. Side note in my current hack Armorslayers work on Wyverns, so having a mercenary slap my wyvern around and kill them is never not funny.

Setting up your entire event chain and seeing it work perfectly first time is also a crazy good high

My favorite part is finally finishing one and realizing I’m going to have to do this like 20 more times

As silly as it is, I get giddy with excitement whenever one of my characters pulls off an unlikely dodge or critical hit. It’s just a small moment where I can go from a writer to a cheerleader that just wants to see my darlings succeed.

Fighting the boss and seeing the battle quote’s strike fear into my heart!

Muh, hahahahaha!! :grin:

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I like seeing how the challenges I create can be overcome with different team compositions, I also like to see how badly a player who doesn’t look at things will be punished.

I also like seeing how much I can break my chapter and what ideas work well

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