Vyland Emblem: Complete English Localization

Hi! First time posting here, hope I’m doing it right.

This is a FULL translation – not a menu hack – of Vyland/Biraku Emblem, a rather infamous old Japanese FE3 ROMhack that replaces Marth with Vyland as the main protagonist. Also, he’s gay.

Although a lot of the content is raunchy humor and Yaranaika jokes, it’s also a very competently done ROMhack with challenging but fair gameplay that doesn’t rely on inflated stats or cheap surprises. It also adds in new characters from the DSFE games and has an almost fully original script with lots of memes and meta humor for fans of Marth’s games.

I’ve never done a ROMhacking project before and this is my first time doing anything more complicated than fiddling around in a hex editor so I’m praying there aren’t any issues. Let me know if you encounter anything weird!

The patch is for a vanilla Japanese 1.1 headered ROM. Patching a 1.0 ROM will corrupt it so make sure you have the right version. Please do not use it on an English translated version.

The readme has more detailed instructions on patching, as well as gameplay tips, and some content warnings. This hack is on the raunchy side with some sexually suggestive humor, so stay away if that’s not your cup of tea.

For the download, here’s a Drive link for now. I’ll probably submit it to RHDN later as well, but I know their approval process takes time.


RHDN mirror (might be less up to date due to their submission process)



This is fantastic! Translating this hack is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but I never ended up doing more than a few sections. To learn that someone else has gone and done the whole thing is like a dream come true. Excellent work!


Thank you! It’s been a long-time ambition of mine as well and I actually was partway into a work-in-progress translated video walkthrough before I decided I might as well just hunker down and take a crack at learning this whole hacking deal haha. Hopefully you enjoy the script, all the net memes and references made it one of my biggest localization challenges yet and I’m proud of how it turned out!


This is a godsent, thank you so much for this translation.

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As the guy who made the menu patch a few years ago: good job. Reading your translation notes I see you’ve put some thought into this.


I probably never would’ve stumbled onto the hack if not for that menu patch, so thank you! And yeah, there’s a lot of wordplay and other things a straight 1:1 translation approach wouldn’t work for so I worked hard to make sure everything lands. It’s always fun when a project demands this much brainpower out of me haha

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So, for some reason, I can’t get the text to not display like this. I mead sure I was using a 1.1 from, and I also made sure it was headered.

What emu are you using? My buddies and I tested it out in Snes9x, bsnes, and Mednafen with success.

I am using Snes9x 1.60

Very strange. Are you applying it to the original FE3 with no patches already applied, including Japanese Biraku Emblem? This patch has both the hack and translation included, so there’s no need to use it on a Biraku Emblem ROM and it might act weird if you apply it on top of a modified copy.

Yeah, I made sure to patch it onto a clean Japanese FE3 ROM.

Okay I managed to reproduced the behavior in your screenshot, seems like it’s just something that occurs with certain dumps. I would just try out some different ROMs. I’ll try to figure out what causes this to happen, but in the meantime, obviously telling you where to find them illegal but I’ll provide the filenames of the dumps that did and didn’t work for me.

The one that worked was Fire_Emblem_-_Monshou_no_Nazo_Japan_Rev_1.sfc

The one that had this glitch was Fire Emblem - Monsyo no Nazo (V1.1) (J).fig
(which is weird, 'cuz that’s the one I initially tested it on and it was fine before… lol.)

does the hack change the growths?

Growths are kept the same with a couple exceptions, like Wolf and Sedgar in Book 1.

I see, thanks for clarifying it

Imperial Locker: I left this reference untouched in hopes as an avid DQ9 player that maybe there’s one or two people on the planet who WILL get this, but the Imperial Locker is a reference to the Kawasaki Locker, a grotto (randomly generated dungeon) map in Dragon Quest 9 with a lot of high-rank chests that can be RNG manipulated to give out nearly any good item in the game.

I am an avid DQ9 player and I’ve still never heard about this. Granted I never went to an event for the game or anything, but I’ve searched up both grotto stuff and RNG manipulation many times before and never found it.

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The hack freezes on The beginning of book 1 chapter 1. Im playing in mobile using Snes9x EX+

the evil marth is really edgy
even edgier than kelik

warning: this hack contains gay joke, pedo ,misogynistic (and NSFW iirc) content, play for your own risk

That seemed to fix the error, I got a new rom and it works fine now. Thank you!


Glad to hear it!

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