Venno's small ASM hacks and notes

Updated the autocursor fix, effectiveness rework, weapon lock expansion (e: and the FE8 Dance tweak) to work with Event Assembler. I think that’s the last of the hacks that obliged you to fool around with assembly patchers or manually inserting links to custom code.


Erm, the passive stat booster (FE8) doesn’t seem to work at all. I apply the script with EA to a clean rom, and upon starting a new game, it plays the opening cutscene and then goes back to the title screen. Attempting to load an existing save results in a black screen. No changes to items are made.


I have the same problem trying to apply the Effectiveness Rework v3 mod, used EA patch “FE8 Effectiveness.txt” to a clean ROM as the Readme instructs, and resets to the title screen when it tries to load the Seth/Valter cutscene.

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My game keeps freezing after using the Patch and I don’t know why, here is the pic I have Passive%20boosts
Both of those locations are free space I made, PassiveBooster is the OLD item table and Pas_ItemTable is the OLD weapon Icon graphics I didn’t edit anything else I included the Text file, in the ROM Buildfile.

Updated the Passive Stat Booster to fix the issue described above. Turns out I had misaligned an ASM pointer and additionally typo’d a different pointer. My bad.


Slight update to the Array Weapon Lock system; the readme now actually corresponds to the install method, the array pointer table is now by default inline with the new code, and an example of a proper array is included for convenience.

In the future I may incorporate items and staves into this system; for now, you can use jjl’s staff/item lock system, which allows staves and items to use the vanilla lock bits and is is compatible with the array locks:


Update: added staff and item locks to the array lock system, as promised. Also disables FE8’s vanilla weapon locks but you can revert that change in the event file if you want. The download is at the same place as ever.

And, just to have this somewhere, if you want to have close-range uncounterable weapons, know that they will always use long-range animations regardless of how far away the combatants are. Unless you do this:
Write 16E0 at $57278 (FE8)
Which will disable that behaviour. Normal long-range combats will still use the long range animations

Thanks to Scraiza for suggesting the range tweak. This edit is already incorporated in FEBuilder’s patch system, for the curious. I could find the equivalent offsets for FE7 if there is interest.


Awesome as always.

Just to be clear: Is this mod tied to the skill system
or is it independent of any other mod/hack?

It’s a standalone hack, yes. I understand that it may conflict slightly with the Skill System (probably moreso now that it interacts with item/staff usability), but I’ve never been very involved with that and don’t know how serious the conflict is. Previously @7743 took it upon themselves to make a version that was compatible with the skill system, so they would know more about that matter.

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Here are some new (and one old) utility ASMCs to use as part of events.

Manual Stat Changer will let you modify the stats of one unit by character ID, or of entire factions.
Rescued Checker will let you check if the specified character is being rescued, or optionally if they’re being rescued by the active unit.
Status Setter will let you set a status effect of arbitrary length to the specified character, or to the active character.



Reporting problems with the “Array based Weapon/Staff/Item Lock” mod.

For reference, Lock 1 is Lords and Lock 2 is for Paladins.
Also Rapier has Lock 2 and Steel Sword Lock 1 (yes, reversed on purpose).
Rapier is also base E rank sword while Steel is D rank.
Finally, I gave Vulnerary the Lock 1 so that only Eirika can use them.

These are the current problems:
With Hard Type Lock (0x3) Eirika can still use both swords regardless of her weapon Rank
even if she doesn’t meet the Rank criteria.
Of course same happens on Soft Type Lock (0x2)
Seth can accurately use the Rapier and not the Steel Sword (< works as expected)
Seth can’t use Vulneraries but Eirika can (< works as expected)

Haven’t tried Staff Effects yet.

Item Lock Array Bug
Green Box : Lock 0 (Default - Nothing)
Blue Box : Lock 1
Orange Box : Lock 2

Thank you for the detailed report.

However, I am unable to replicate the bug you describe. Using the same settings as your image shows, under a Hard Lock Eirika can use the Steel Sword but not the Rapier while Seth can use the Rapier but not the Steel Sword.

Perhaps there is technically an issue in that Hard Locks set the weapon requirement to 1 if the class or character matches, allowing Eirika to use the Steel Sword at any rank, but I cannot see the point of a PRF-locked weapon that also has a rank requirement for the very units it is locked to.

Please let me know if I have misunderstood. If you are willing to DM me a patch for the ROM you used to test I would be willing to examine that as well.

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I just gave the Rapier E Rank because the problem first appeared with the “Prf” Rank (basically 0)
so I tested with a Rank to see what happens.

Yes, I’ll message you the issue.

My bad after all. Mod is fine.
First you have to line up the offsets next to each other
then write their effects.

Item Lock Array Bug 2

Green = Default 0
Blue = The upper is Lock1’s pointer and the lower box is the Lock1’s array
Orange = The upper box is Lock2’s pointer and the lower box is the Lock2’s array

Thank you Venno.


Notice: the growth modifiers patch, which was very clunky and bad to install, has been cleaned up somewhat. The source is still pretty embarrassing but the binary can now be installed with a ready-made event file which allows you to easily redefine the offset of the item table.


Updated the Passive Stat Booster to fix a bug reported by @Scraiza where a weapon that provided passive boosts would count double if equipped.

This update deprecates the FE7 version of the hack, but the relevant files can still be found in the Source folder.


I made a system to modify unit stats when they are loaded, instead of having to do so after the fact or by using a separate character slot. The unused byte +0x6 in UNIT data, next to unit flags in EA or labelled ?? in FEBuilder, is repurposed as an index to a stat modifier table. You can see the Pirate up above has unusual stats and nonzero Con/Move modifiers as an example.

All main stats from HP to Luck, as well as Con and Move modifiers, are available to be changed. For those using the Str/Mag split, Magic is also included as a potential option.

Download here


Hey. I was wondering if you’ll ever make an update to the non-stack version of this hack, so it’s compatible with SkillSystems. Currently, only the stack version works.

It exists. Just uncomment this out in a custom build.

Updated the unit stat arrays patch; it will now respect class caps (including HP) when adding stats.