This might be an old conversation topic but there's one dumb thing about the Babyrealms in Fire Emblem Fates nobody talks about

Did the localisation actually change that much of Fates tbh?
I thought they mainly adjusted some characters but the story overall remained the same.

(As if you could make the plot make less sense xd)

Funnily enough this isn’t even this first time that Me, Ghost and Godwin have gone at it.

Godwin has another thread asking for critique on his attempt to redesign the weapon triangle that really overcomplicates things to a heavy degree. (Weapon advantage auto-crits, bows ignoring defense unless the target has a shield, all kinds of stuff.) It’s honestly kind of a mess.

I don’t intend this to sound like I’m attacking godwin with this, but I know it will anyway.
I’m not entirely sure godwin fully understands some of what he’s saying when it comes to his idea’s and how they work/would-work and how messy changes this big would actually completely fuck up a game and/or its story.

Like, since I can’t directly quote him on this since his first post is bloated to hell, the whole babyrealms thing shows him completely missing the point of the fact that every single paralogue showed the cast actively not wanting their children fighting in the war.

With each child then either getting attacked by bandits/anon-soldiers then afterwards convincing corrin to let them join the fight since they’d be safer with the main army.

Trying to look at it as an “infinite child soldier farm” is horrid conceptually since now you have essentially implied you want the good guys to become forced breeding stock on a level that is inhumane.

I can’t really elaborate how disgustingly tone deaf that particular trail of thought is without this already long post being twice as long though, so I’ll just stop here.


TBH it’s an interesting worldbuilding idea but not what Fates was going for.

Not exactly sure how that makes good world building.

I mean any country that actively forces its people into mass child breeding solely to fill its ranks with soldiers would either:

  1. Be a race that breeds like roaches and ages like flies.(or be advanced enough for mass cloning to be possible)
  2. Have so many people having so much sex around the clock its troubling/ ( or collecting enough genenetic material of enough people to prevent cellular degeneration in the clone batches)
  3. Be able to process enough raw materials to outfit soldiers at this pace.
  4. somehow not look insane for having reached this conclusion for building their military.
  5. And finally, be able to actually write a story with this just doesn’t come off as insanely fucked up.

like this is some extreme eugenics level tactic stuff.

I mean really think about it, hundreds of women being forced to have children just to fill a platoon, or one guy named Jeff being copied 100 times to make the Jeff Brigade. Either way the side that does that would likely be seen as the villans.