Things for the Dev of REs

Hi people, I did this topic to request some things that I need for my projects. I’m going to update this topic if I need more things.

  1. Any know about a portrait of Fiora with her lasso recolored? I remember have watched a like this.[Completed]

  2. Quiero el Bridge Tileset de FE6 pero con colores FE8. Traté de hacerlo yo mismo pero no puedo, siempre he roto las montañas, los picos y el puente; el siguiente es uno de mis intentos.

    PD: Además quiero saber cómo editarlo, solo si en el futuro necesito hacer algo similar de nuevo.

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  1. I want the Bridge Tileset from FE6 but with FE8 colors. I tried to do it myself but I can’t, always I have broken the mountains, peaks, and the bridge; the next is one of my attempts.

    PS: Besides I want to know how to edit it, only if in the future I need to do something similar again.

Wouldn’t it be easiest to just open the png in Usenti and move the palette swatch sliders around? Or do tilesets have something special?

I did something similar importing the palettes from other tilesets in FEB but check the bridge tiles some parts now are green, and when I try to fix it the image is corrupted and the tileset doesn’t work right.

And yes the tileset has more of a unique palette, have some palettes.

FE8 Bridge Palette<----Normal, Fog---->FE8 Bridge Palette FOG

I decided to make the FE8 style palettes for the bridge map to get some practice. In case you want to try this yourself in the future, here’s a quick rundown of what I did.

The problem palette was Palette 4, specifically color 16. In the Binding Blade tileset, colors 12 and 16 are the same, so I made sure they matched after importing the FE8 colors.

There was also a problem with the bridge tiles touching the water.

These tiles used palette 3. I changed all of the light blue colors in that palette to similar colors from palette 4. This part was mostly trial and error, checking to see which colors worked well.

EDIT: I forgot to include the download link, whoops.


Today I have a request simple, anybody can do a mini-map of Elibe?