The Skill System and You: Maximizing Your Usage of FE8's Most Prolific Bundle of Wizardry

Item effects, such as staff or vulneary functionality, are hardcoded to work with their specific items. With IER, you can overcome that restriction, and add varying effects to different Items. You can make a sword that can heal you with 1 use, like the Binding Blade, or a lance that’s also a staff. Or a healing Item that has a custom healing value. Just install it, and you can freely change the use effect for different items without breaking the ROM

I have downloaded this as a patch for FeBuilder recently and it broke 41 of my character palletes. Is there an easy fix to this?

This is the first I’ve heard about something like this.

I recommend asking in the FEBuilder topic or FEBuilder_help discord channel in the FEU discord server and sending a report7z

There’s Short Shield, which reduces damage from melee attacks and Tower Shield, which reduces damage from ranged attacks. Then there’s Tower Shield+, which negates ranged attacks. Where’s Short Shield+ to negate melee attacks? That’s something Marth can actually do in FE1.

Ironically and unironically make it yourself. The skills that come with the skill system™️ are a practical way to learn the basics of asm. Referencing the code of a skill that does close to what you want it kind of the point. I suggest the asm guide Teq made forever ago(its still relevant) and referecing available existing code until you get used to makings asm. And then when you are… keep doing that actually its super helpful. After skills you can move on to whatever really the limit is your creativity and proficiency in asm. To answer your question though short shield+ already exists relatively speaking. Now if you want the real fe1 Falchion you need to know how to check if the enemy is using a dragon stone or breath attack first.