The King's Last Wish [COMPLETE] (V3.0 - New Chapters and Playable Units)

Yes, that’s a good idea, I will make grant’s death cause a game over in the next patch, although I won’t do it immediately as I don’t want to be releasing a million patches for every small change, so will probably wait until there are more changes to be made before releasing it.

Speaking of other non functional things, on ch8, even if you save all the green snipers and they then claim they’ll be giving a special reward to Monty afterwards, nothing is actually given to him. (the rest of the map was fine otherwise a bit tight on time but using Royce with a halberd for all the cavs at the start helped keeping the pace intact for the most part)

Thanks for letting me know, you were supposed to receive an orion’s bolt as a reward, It will be fixed in the next patch, sorry about that.

On chapter 9, even after defeating the boss, the wyvern rider still cannot be recruited; not only can the lord not talk to him again even after beating the boss, he also doesn’t join at the end of the map nor does he have any special convo at all. At least he thankfully doesn’t move after the lord talks to him the first time.

There should be a conversation at the end of the chapter if you talked to him with Osborn and kept him alive until the end of the chapter, this has worked for me during playtesting, so I’m not sure what has happened here… will look into it nonetheless.

Edit: nevermind haha, I just checked and it’s an easy fix, will be fixed in next patch.

V1.3 patch notes:

  • Grant dying on chapter 5x now causes a game over.

  • fixed an issue where you didn’t receive an Orion’s bolt as a reward at the end of chapter 8.

  • fixed an issue where Augustus was not properly recruited on chapter 9.

  • Some small miscellaneous changes that are not worth mentioning.

Once again, thank you to @1_2_3 for bringing these to my attention.

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I’ve managed to complete the hack. Before I do an extensive review I want to write down all the bugs that happened to me wich arn’t fixed yet.
On chapter 12, on the center room at the top, the one with the two enemy heroes has two chests, the leftmost can’t be opened.
On chapter 14 the two doors that lead to the chest rooms can’t be opened.
On chapter 15, the doors can’t be opened.
I’ve also met many other bugs, like Augustus can’t be recuited, and the missing orion’s bolt, and the floor tiles of chapter5x that grant +10 res, but it seems that those bugs are fixed, I’ve downloaded the version only 24 hours ago.

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Now for the full review I’ll proceed with order.
First the chapters, then the playable characters, then overall things that can be improved.

I really appreciate you letting me know about all of these bugs, but I must ask, if you could not open the doors on chapter 15, then how did you complete it? Everything I will look into, thank you.

-Prologue: not baf for a start, I’ve managed to lose only 2 blu armors, but I didn’t enjoy playing the map that much, the general, Royce, has to defeat an enemy sniper to the left, since he’s the closest, Gregory has to use the halberd to deal with the cavalry, the blu armors will block the enemy armors etc. I suggest to replace the heal priest with mends, since all of my units take so much damage, also you should improve th hit rates of many weapons, like the halberd, since it can miss even with weapon triangle advantage.
-Chapter1: reminds me of prologue of fe6, since there’s no anti turtle incentive and enemies can hhit hard, your best bet is to kyte the enemies, since they charge when you are close to them, and surround them, also I wouls suggest giving a javelin to the enemy boss, but since my only ranged unit is an archer with poor damage output, I’ll let it pass. I’ll advise you to reduce the map size, It’s a bit long.
-Chapter2: Very similar to chapter1, this time you have a soft timer, saving the green armors, wich is only possible if you press the accellerator at max and Shelly misses once, the chests and the boss are far from the seize point, I suggest to move the seize point closer to the boss, so the player doesn’t have to spend more time traversing the map.
-Chapter3: The killer axe brigand is scary, you should remove the axe, since even if you combine hits from archer boy and mage girl, he can’t fall down, I didn’t managed to get to the arena or shops, since they are out of the way, also you can buy stuff at the same price from the prep shop. Finally some antiturtle incentive
-Chapter4: pretty short map, those damn pirates has the defense of armor knigths, what did you fed them with?
-Chapter5: there’s a reason very few people likes desert map, of all the characters you gave only 3 out of 11 can traverse the map without being slowed down, cavalry and general are gonna move 1 space, every one else 2 spaces. I suggest you to make some not sand corridors, at least I don’t have to ferry everyone with the flier, also putting those killer edge mirmidons can one hit with a critical 90% of your units, even your general jaigen can fall to them. I suggest to make them mirm less scary by giving him less stregnth, this is the point where the enemy powers becomes to high for the rest of your units.
-Chapter5x: My only complaint is that this map is too big
-Chapter6: A refreshing and short rout map with few but strong enemies, except the bishop lol, those paladins where the scariest, I had to roll some crits to deal with them
-Chapter7: Did you just painted in snow chapter 6 of Erika tale? Victim of War or smt? Whatever, the most troublesome units are the assassin at the back, with very high strength and evasion, they can one shot your units if you have bad luck, also the wyvern boss is very strong, I wish I’ve could have a stell bow or silver bow, I’ve managed to consume my steel bow, I suggest to put shops were you can buy anti flier equipment
-Chapter8: There are too many chokepoints in the middle, this, combined with the brave weapons warrios, forces you to take a defensive approach wich isn’t captivating, I suggest to reduce enemy quality and widen the path on the water
-Chapter9: This is the time were deployment slots start to feel tiny, I wish I could deploy more units, there many strong enemies and I don’t think that 9 units are enough, also the chests here can’t be opened. The green paladin was very helpful, but there too many killer weapons, wich makes the game feel like gambling. I suggest to remove many killer weapons or put them on weak units.
-Chapter10: Those assassin man! They are too strong!
-Chapter11: Supply chapter, I’ve chosen the sage, since I needed a healer. The other guys seemed pretty weak, also I’ve already had a swordmaster and a sniper
-Chapter12: Why did you summoned Oliver, I know he’s a meme but he feels like ripped from another dimension, it doesn’t fit with the story, it’s like you put roy/eliwood/ike or someone into a fanfic. I didn’t like it, nor I did use him since I’ve alredy chosen the sage the chapte before.
-Chapter13: The new warrior is strong but the enemy placement in the south doesn’t make much sense strategically speaking, at this point I wanted more class effective weapons, armorslayer horseslayers etc, since the enemy cavarly and armors started to be quite scary. The est in the house near the mountain isn’t worth training. Pretty big map, you could short it out.
-Chapter14: Those assassins! Despite the fact that I didn’t opened the doors, the map was not bad gameplay wise (except the assassins) by the time the enemy reinforcement appears, I’ve reached the duke, also the map is way too big.
Chapter15: Boring, it’s just a corridor, the new unit is good.
Chapter16: Reminds me of chapter22 of fe6, maybe due to the enemy bishops with phisics, the enemies are very tough but I’ve used the new units and managed to defeat them, still, there’s a 3 tile chokepoint in the middle, that of I’ve used.
Chapter17: Reminds me of Idunn but with the proper weapons, the one that gave her 420 defense and resistence and made her vulnerable only to the Idunn slayer weapon. If you didn’t gave me Edith, I would’ve lose, there’s no way I could scratch them, even Gregory the beast can’t defeat them in time, you should either lower the defense of them bosses or give the player more powerful weapons. Also the enemy paladins here are busted, they one round everything.

I used Febuilder Emulator Debugger, went to Cheat and clicked on “Clear and end current chapter”

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I appreciate the feedback. From feedback that I have received from you and many others, they want the difficulty to be changed. I think it will probably be important for me to add difficulty options down the line, as some people prefer a challenge, while others just want to enjoy the game. Great feedback that I will take into account when tweaking in future.

Regarding the desert map, I appreciated that they are usually really slow, I did change some movement costs to somewhat combat this (cavs and fighters now have 2 move in desert instead of 1 like in vanilla). Another thing I may consider is to give piper full movement in the desert to allow her to reach the different treasures faster, not sure whether or not this is a good idea though.

So, regarding your feedback, one thing I will say regarding the end game is due to the bugs that you mentioned, you have missed out on some powerful equipment (which you mentioned was lacking towards the end). Namely: 2 master seals, a hammer, a strength ring and most importantly an aura. The aura is very handy as helgen is good in the final battle, but you most likely used up her aura in chapter 16, a second one is really handy. Also, I don’t know how much you utilised the heaven weapons, you should use them when you need them. So the glitches may have impacted your experience somewhat. In regards to Oliver, you are probably right, I will consider removing him, it certainly does ruin the immersion. Chapter 7, i used it as a base and made some changes, looks like I didn’t make enough for it to be a unique chapter, so I will certainly change that.

V1.4 patch notes

  • fixed an issue where one of the chests in chapter 12 didn’t work properly.

  • fixed an issue where the doors would not open in chapter 14 and 15.

  • chapter 7 has been changed slightly.

  • The boss of chapter 12 has been changed.

  • +5% hit to halberd and hammer.

Thanks to @FrecciaVerde for the thorough review to allow me to make these changes. I have only made the more urgent/simple changes now, but I intend to make more in future.


Now is time for characters:
-Osborn: At first he looks like a simple vanilla sword lord, but with patient and not too much care, he can become the best figther in your army, also he’s forced deployed, meaning that he’ll always get some xp.
With the rapier, wich you only get one, he can do considerable damage to the most troublesome units.
With his supports, especially Gregory, he can get avoid, hit, crit and damage wich will be crucial.
A good designed lord, kinda weak until he get the rapier (meaning only 5-6 turns) then after supports and a promo he’ll become almost unstoppable.
-Hale and Dale: I put them togheter since they are basically hte same unit but with some sligthly stat changes, in this game cavaliers and paladins are discouraged to be used, but for the wrong reason, simply put, they don’t have enough offensive and defensive stats, and while this is a problem common with most of your units, this is crucial because cavaliers are offensive units, they are supposed to use they movement to surround enemy units, reach import points and retreat from dangerous/unfavourable encounters, wich is something that almost never happens here. You can’t surround many enemies either sue to terrain or indoor maps with tigh chokepoints, and in later maps I never used due to their terrible stats. There are no urgent objectives to achieve, and in the desert chapter you get a flier that you can use to ferry over your slower units, and sand isn’t good for our horse friends. They can never enter combat in later maps, due to their weaknesses, at most you can use canto to rescue drop your units, but I never had the necessity to do so. I suggest to increase the offensive stat of your cavaliers,
by offensive stat I mean, strength, skill, speed, luck. I don’t want to see the enemy having low % crit against me, do you know the cringe-crit graph?
-Monty: in this game archers are good, more specifically, bows shines in this hack. There are many dangerous enemies that require chipping, and even if Monty hasn’t great strength, he can do serious damage to fliers. However in the first chapter, he can barely do more than 6-7 points of damage with the steel bow, I suggest to give him a personal silver bow or any other weapon with high migth, for example in my hack I gave to Marcello, the very first archer, a personal bow that is ideal versus target with high hp but low defense, sorta a killer bow. His promotion to sniper isn’t bad, I was expecting a crit boost, I think mono-weapon classes should get a crit boost. This way he can do more damage.
-Piper: She’s thief, has thief utility, I like the fact that lockpick has unlimited uses, tough you could give her the lockpick skill, just like the rogue, her combat is the worst out of all units, often “tink” on many low level units and with a sword rank of E, but that’s fine.
-Andy: a thief with more defense. That’s it, he was useful on chapter 8 where there are multiple chest.
-Gregory: a chad unit, must use, the only unit who dealt more than single digit damage, for this reason, he grew very fast, tough I have to say that 15% speed growth is appalling, make it 25% at least, I think that’s too much low. Otherwise a great unit, his rpomotion grant him access to bows, making him dealing BIG chip damage from afar. On a second note, I suggest you to give more promo items.
-Royce: I like using generals, and for a jeigan hes’ not that bad, but I HAD to drop him on the desert chapter, I used on him on chapter 5x and 6, but after that he retired. He’s problem is that his bases are similar to Seth/fe7 Marcus, but his class is a general. He doesn’t have canto, he has armor weakness, wich is worse than horse weakness since armor slaying weapons have higher migth, his growth are basically only hp (I got a lucky def level up) and his defense, wich should be his selling point, is only 7 points higher than most of your units, his hp is 14 higher than most units, wich means he can witstand at least one more hit from a tough enemy but no more, he has enough speed to not get doubled, wich is good. Archers aren’t good versus high defense units, but still, he looks okay-ish, but I expected more from a general, even in a game with lotsa chokepoints, If I ever want to use a general jeigan up to the end game, I want to make sure he can both witstand hits as well as delivering them, I sugget to both increase his base defense by 1 his strength by 2, and increase his strength and defense growth by a significant amount. Nice weapon ranks tough.
-Shelly: your first mage, she’s okay, I suggest to give her +2 speed, since a mage that can’t double armors is patethic. I like the fact that she gets D in staves instead of E.
-Madison: your first healer, she’s okay, frail, but she gets the job done, once promoted, she becomes an offensive powerhouse, even tough shine and ligthing aren’t spectacular, she has enough speed and magic to do significant damage, also she has 305 tot growths, where Shelly has 270, maybe you should increase Shelly growth, I found out that most units have less than 300 tot growth.
-Truman: Welcome Rutger 2.0! His speed is appreciate since he’s the only one who can considerably double the majority of the enemies.
-Harper: Reminds me of Florina, low strength but high speed and luck, similar to a lance mirmidon.
She managed to dodge almost everything, very resistent to magic. I suggest to give to every class wich gain a new weapon rank, at least D rank, I would like my warrior to use the steel bow and Harper to use steel sword straigth away.
-Grant: An axe user I welcome, since there are many lance users in this hack, he has higher speed and defense growth to Gregory, but low strength growth, reminds me of lot.
-Edison: he’s fine, but I didn’t need another sword user.
-Linda: she’s hard to use, she doesn’t offer me anything I didn’t have, most importantly, she sucks at being an armor knigth, due to her 25% def growth and 10 base def she’s taking too much damage, getting one rounded by those friggin assassins, even with her high speed stats, I suggest to heavily buff this unit.
-Augustus: didn’t managed to use him. I would’ve liked to use a brave lance
Renley: he doesn’t lose speed from fimbulvetr, but most himportantly, he can use staves. Had similar stats when compared to a 20/1 Shelly.
-Eve: dancer, dancer/10
-Oliver: didn’t use him, I’ve already chosen Renley.
-Gunvald: another chad, he can use the S-axe rigth away, big chip damaged, I wish he could have a higher bow rank, so maybe he can use a killer bow and crit away some nasty enemies.
-Charlotte: even with her prf weapon I didn’t have the need to use a cavalier, especially with her growths and bases. This game isn’t nice to horses.
-Nicholas: Finally a unit with defense. Was helpful in dealing with those pesky snipers, btw, that was a boring chapter. Excellent weapon ranks. Sadly I had Gregory and Monty, wich are ideal to chip enemies from afar. I didn’t need a tanky unit.
-Helgen: Is that a Karel reference? Very high growth but only one level up. A welcome addition. I used her to chip from afar and dealing with those pesky bishops in the lateral rooms in chapter 16. Her latona was helpful especially in chapter 17.
-Edith: Gato, the ONLY unit who can deal serious damage to the bosses. That was a boring chapter, akin to most final bosses in fire emblem, I’ve managed to defeat the bosses in 5 turns with the aid of Eve. I suggest to make sure that most of your units have more ways to deal with the bosses. Even Chad Gregory couldn’t do more than 6 damage to those behemots.
She did her job tough.

Response to unit analysis:

Hale and Dale: you say they are somewhat underwhelming, the reason for this is I thought it would make a nice change from vanilla where cavaliers just dominate everything, I’m not sure which version you played on, but on v1.1, they did receive a small buff to their bases, I think they are in a good spot right now.

Monty: I’m glad I succeeded in making archers useful, because many hacks seem to have an issue with that, I agree that snipers should get the 15% crit boost, but then the prologue sniper felt a little bit bs during playtesting, but this has given me the idea to replace the sniper with a warrior to circumvent this, so they will receive the crit boost in the next patch.

Gregory: as you know, he is an absolute powerhouse, in earlier testing, he was nerfed due to being stupid broken, so I have no intention of buffing him.

Royce: you say he is as good as the vanilla jeigans stat wise but not utility wise. This is intentional. I don’t think I will buff him because I am more of a fan of jeigans that do fall off eventually, I don’t want him to be a viable endgame candidate like you said, but this is purely a matter of preference (although in my experience he does not fall off as early as you benched him).

Overall, I personally prefer a cast where some units are good and others are not, because if everyone’s good, then no one is.

I agree with you, one last note, that paladins on chapter 17 are brutal, they’ve managed to take down Gregory, he had 15 speed at this point, I don’t think +10% speed growth is going to hurt him. Btw I gave him a speedwing. So far the only unit I think are underwhelming are Linda and Charlotte. Remember that I enjoy using armor knigths and Est, but only if they can handle their weigth.

Yes, I think the issue is not with gregory, but rather the paladins are too strong, my thought process was that they should be level 20 since it is the final map, but considering the units on the previous map were level 15, a 5 level jump is probably excessive. In the next patch, I will nerf them to level 18 instead to make them a little more manageable.

Earlier, you also mentioned too many killer weapons early on, so I will try to reduce the density of killer weapons in the mid game as well, I will put all of this in the next patch, along with probably some more support conversations. Regarding supports, I initially wanted them to be triggered during battle prep rather than during battle, similar to fe9, but it is a little too advanced for febuilder I think.

Another thing, I found most of your maps to be either too big, too simple, or both. I suggest to use different palettes or varying up the design. Also, there’s a problem with the desert map, too much sand. I suggest to make some path of “not sand”, Lemme show you. That sand tile is still sand, but has a different terrain cost, this way you can make a desert map without the sloggyness.

I am aware of the other sand tiles, but not having restricted movement sort of defeats the purpose of a desert map.