The Fire Emblem Fangame Exposition(FE2) | Deadline May 20th!


Honestly, It depends on the length of the chapter. Like, I can probably do 3-5 earlygame chapters and condense it into a thirteen minutes vid, however, if it’s like 1-2 lategame chapter, it’d probably be trickier.


Name: Fire Emblem - Crossover Hack 2.0
Creator: Séregon Team
Engine: FE7
Additional Notes: Spanish hack. Here’s a version with commands and weapons in English.
27 Chapters. It has some bugs that I won’t fix since I’ll move the project to FE8 engine, especially with the spell animations, but a simple reset and holding the [L] button helps to skip the problem.


Any specific chapter you want me to play, out of the 27s?


Either Ch. 17 or 26 are fine.
For Ch. 26 you must train the lords and Sora, since you are forced to use them. The map has special conditions too:
You must open the two doors on both sides before placing Eliwood in the escape tile.

Both doors open when you place any unit in front of them.

The escape tile is under that Dragon Knight.

Ch. 17 is a lot simple, Ch. 26 is tricky and difficult. Choose any of them.


Would you have a save on hand with those chapters unlocked, or will I have to play until I get to those chapters?


I can make a .sav for you, just give me a day or two.


alright, thanks.


Name: Fire Emblem Song of Genesis
Creator: Eldritch Abomination
Engine: FE8
Additional Notes: A shitty hack I’ve been on again/off again working on in my spare time. May have glitches, may eventually die. It’s fairly vanilla, and as of right now I have four-ish chapters done-ish, but only two scripted. I’ll send you a patch soon.


Name: Fire Emblem 4 Binary English Translation
Creator: Darrman
Engine: FE4
Additional Notes: My current version has some form of script in place up to the start of Chapter 2, so you can do whatever you want. I’ll send the patch on the night of the deadline for maximum progress.


Working on a new project: will replace Unhappy Reunion

Name: Runa Does A Thing (And Saves the World)
Creator: nyawenyye
Engine: FE8
Additional notes: Hopefully the first four chapters should all be playable, with most of the story in


Creator: Mystic
Engine: FE8
Notes: I’ll be submitting v1.5. I’d like to show off stuff that wasn’t seen in the FEE3 video, so I’ll send a save a save at chapter 5 if you don’t feel like playing through up to that point.

e: whoops lmao, i responded to the wrong thing, I hate this forum software


Name: “Hector Maniac Mode” HMM for short
Creator: Princess Ruffles
Engine: Fe7
Additional Notes: Buffed Bows, Random assassins, Aesthetic weather, forced gaidens, Lancewood, Boosted enemy growths and density with little extra surprises ;^)


Name: FE7 Starting From Chapter 28x BUT NOT?! :smirk:
Creator: Meilu
Engine: Fe7
Additional Notes: It’s bad, it’s not bad, it’s bad, it’s not bad, OH GOD IT’S BAD!

Let’s see if the first chapter can be beaten, or if it’s too easy :smiley:

Don’t play Lyn mode, or else you’re B*TCH MADE


Name: Fire Emblem 2nd Generation Remake
Creator: >Yang Kai<
Engine: Fe8
Additional Notes: I’ll send you the .ups via PM and Discord.


Deadline’s today, everyone!
here are the hacks that have been currently submitted:
Fire Emblem Poop | Tamborrino Gay Baby Emblem | Sme Fomortiis saves the world | Sme FEAD | Boi No Name? | Amberstorm Genealogy Gen 2 Remake | Yang Kai FE5 QoL | Zane Avernathy REDFE | Mystic FE7 Ultima Mode | HonokaSuzumiya FE7 The Stupid Class Change Adventures | Ganondorf FE8 Water Wraith Mode | Sme (Not sure if reskin but Id assume so cause of the name)
If you submitted something, but didn’t give a patch yet, Please either submit today; or if You are sure that you will be able to submit, you can ask for a week extension, as I will start streaming the hacks for the showcase videos on the 27th.


I’ll have to withdrawl my submission for now. My entire computer decided to die at the worst possible time, and I won’t be able to do anything about it until Friday.


Name: Great Value
Creator: Lenh
Engine: FE8

Additional Notes: Currently in a demo state (shows off some features and that’s about it). I’ll send what I have now but would appreciate the extension.


My submission will take another one or two days, but it will be in soon ;w;


I have posted a demo, currently. Check updated post up there.

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Streaming the first set of submissions!
Runa Does A Thing - nyawenyye
Fire Emblem Poop - Tamborrino
Half Emblem - Der The Vaporeon
FE7 The Stupid Class Change Adventures - Ganondorf
Gay Baby Emblem - Sme
Liberty’s Elegy - Amberstorm