Statscreen Blitz 2


Quantity over quality amirite


Last set from me
Prolly should have seen the SM64 one getting requantized to shit coming given all the different colors


This blitz is complete, package will be released after I finish testing all of these. (Yes, I’ve learned from my mistakes in Statscreen Blitz 1.)


What to do if an ad tells you to install Adblocker ???


compile when?


I’ve compiled all of them into my future Repo and titled it “Status Screen Blitz 2: The Awakening of 50 Fucking Sme submissions”.

It will be available… soon.


Edit: Actually, I just realized I can upload it in seconds. Here you go!


Thanks, I’ve been meaning to do this since fucking forever ago but didn’t have time. I’ll add the link to the opening post.


It appears that the download link has broken