[Solved] Several questions on hacking Lyn's Mode

A cliche but some kind guys may give me some useful tips.

1.How to kill the tutorial?
I found Blazer’s v2 patch and @Arch’s Tutorial Slayer. However, the link here is dead. Does anyone still have it?
By the way, I noticed it a really old thing. If there are new bugs comfirmed or a better way to kill the tut, let me konw.
PS: I don’t understand what eCut said there. Is the tactician customize screen the trigger to tut?

2.How to break the support limit?
Any info?

3.Are there more unique traps in Lyn’s mode besides those?
Or am I supposed to hack Eliwood’s mode instead to avoid them?

Any advice is appreciated.

I still have the tutorial patch if you want it:
tutorial killer here

Would this help with the supports?

I think the problem is that you can’t get support points in Lyn mode? Not sure, I don’t do FE7.

Yes. I cheated but they didn’t display and also found it had nothing to do with the mode or chapater flag in the RAM. Absolutely clueless.

Thanks but I don’t need to break this limit.

There’s actually nothing special about Lyn mode supports:

It’s simply because Lyn mode units have no supports data pointer.

This applies to some Lyn mode characters (Lyn, Kent, Sain, Wil, Florina, Rath) but doesn’t explain why Erk + Serra or Lucius + Serra can’t support. Lyn mode prevents all units from earning support points.

080266EC ldr  r0,=#0x202BBF8
080266EE mov  r8,r0
080266F0 ldrb r3,[r0,#0x1B] // r3 = mode
080266F2 cmp  r3,#0x1       // check if Lyn mode
080266F4 beq  #0x8026730    // earn no support points in Lyn mode
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Oh, my bad.

Yeah, I forgot the Lyn here was 0x03 not 0x2D and thought the magic prevented the support from displaying, haha~

Found it.