Sme's Thread of Miscellany


I don’t even know where I’d start for making a weapon be more than one weapon type simultaneously, lol. If that were to be a thing it both could and probably would exist outside the umbrella of a magic sword rework anyhow. The closest to this is as I said, registering a magic sword as an anima magic type in the hack for that since it’s a sub-weapon type that’s checked separately from normal weapon types.

By choosing whether or not it stays the assigned weapon type in melee, I’m referring to the part where you set the magic type of the weapon. Normally at 1-range it’s considered a sword, but you can set a thing to instead use the magic type at 1-range.


Alright, another update for Magic Sword Rework, now it can hit defense. The only file adjusted is the installer event file since all it took was changing a handful of bytes in the middle of an existing function. However, apparently the hit highest/lowest defensive stat settings always hit res not as a side effect of being unable to hit defense but as a side effect of something else, so for the time being they are technically non-functional. Should be a lot easier to debug and fix than the not hitting defense part though, but still wanted to push out the larger fix as soon as possible.


Unless my math is wrong, 8 str + 8 mt + 1 WTA - 5 def = 12 atk at melee, 8/2 str + 8 mt - 2 res = 10 atk at range.

EDIT: Well, that fix was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Grab the updated dmp from the download and everything should be working now.


It’there’s another thing you may not notice, if all magic swords are attacked by magic.
The display of status page intelligence has not been updated to magic attack values.
The Dark Sword’s intelligence display address is 2A4B8 -11 and displays all magic attack data.6C_MV(%7D1FZ%7D%5BITPN%24~I%7D8VLU%2497C%7D1I6%60~LWB_9IFN8W%7DF