SHYUTERz PATCH & Animation

I will try it now.

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Well… It didn’t work and I still don’t know why. I looked at the images and saw that they were all removed but the opening is cut… So I think this is just something that can’t be solved for now. However thank you for your help. From what I can see in the rom itselfs it looks very nice ^^

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I see…
As you say, the cause is unknown and cannot be solved yet. However, I will take some time to find out why.

Maybe the smartphone version of the gba emulator will work. Please try if you like.

Well I should have tried earlier but now on my phone emulator, it works just fine… I am sorry for making so much trouble for you :sweat:
But it is still strange that my PC emulator doesn’t want to load it :sweat_smile:

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I’m relieved, but it’s strange that your PC emulator doesn’t want to load it. It is very worrying.
( ⊃´-`⊂ )

Some bugs were fixed!

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Capacity seems to reach the limit.
Do you rebuild? My brother!

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Yes. Rebuild my work so please do another job.

OK !
Rebuild to entrust it to you. I do the maintenance of greyypil and nuggets.

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I cannot understand your English well.

Gleipnir and naglfal.

Oh I see.
No, I’m in charge of the production. So you ask for another job.


Well … let’s fix the animation of the first performance of Demon King and Fire Dragon.

It is troublesome.

What !?
You are saying something interesting.
Please create a magic animation for the Demon King.

It’s a harder quest. I see. I work hard if I make animation.

That’s fine.
Then, leave it to you.

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It takes time to produce.

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