[Resolved] FE6 "Mechanic" in FE7

Here i am, again, and for another question! :smiley: haha, sorry guys.

In FE6, if you strike the final blow on Idenn (or idoun or how do you want to call her) using the Sword of Seals you unlock a different final in which happy things happen.
is this can be replicated in FE7? I think that an event that triggers after Character X kills character y would be cool (maybe special death quote? or chapter ending, or special item, or something). Thanks in advance!

That’s actually already possible in FE7, I’ve actually done it in FE6A; let me find the events.

ORG $D3226C // This is what you'd put instead of the death quote's text pointer
    IFCA 0x00 0x05 Roy // If Roy kills Erik
        TEX1 0x8E0
        ENUT 0x0E // Trigger 0x0E
    ELSE 0x06 // If anyone other than Roy kills Erik
    ENIF 0x05
        TEX1 0x8E1
    ENIF 0x06

Then in my ending event I had this:

ORG $D322E8
IFET 0x01 0x0E // If Roy killed Erik
    MUS1 0x34
    FADI 0x05
    BACG 0x17
    FADU 0x05
    TEX1 0x8E7
    ITGC Roy Sybaris
ENIF 0x01

The way I have it set up, if you have Roy kill Erik, you get an exclusive item along with a different death quote and conversation afterwords. If anyone else kills Erik, you don’t get anything special.


Wow, thanks a lot!

Is this possible to do with an item? I mean, if Character X is killed by any character that wields weapon Y (Or Character Z that wields weapon Y)

Eh, I don’t think so; you’d need an asm condition checking for items as well, but I don’t think anyone has made one as of late.

Ookay, thanks anyway! :slight_smile:

cough request an asm condition from me that checks if some unit has some weapon equipped cough. Especially since the FE games have a built in branch for finding the equipped item of a unit.

[Give this a whirl][1]. Replace the first 0xFF with the item ID you need to check for. Also be wary of the IFAT/IFAF issue. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, search the forums) Let me know if it works. Or if it doesn’t.

Wow, thanks, definitely will try this!
I’ll let you know if it works!

… Looks like i can’t even insert it lol

My event is

IFAT 0x50 0x1000001
TEX1 0x856
MNCH 0x01
ELSE 0x51
ENIF 0x50
MNCH 0x02
ENIF 0x51

A simple thing (just for test) that triggers when all enemy units are defeated
(i used a clean rom and wrote the asm code in 0x1000000)… but it doesn’t work D: i’m doing something wrong, right?

Maybe not? Did you change the 0xFF to the item ID you want to check for. (Also, none of my code works the first time so that’s quite possible ;P)

edit: also, be wsry of this

edit: Also, this does its check on the active character, so if you cleared the characters or something it might not work? It’ll work in a death quote though

Turns out I commented out something I shouldn’t have… uhhh

In any case, redownload it from the same link and give it a try.

Redownloaded and just replaced the new code on the older one (Without touching the event), and it doesn’t seem to change nothing D: I think it’s my fault XD

Mind sending me a ROM to play/debug with?

Update: My code now works. Same link as before, for all who want it.

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Thanks for helping me and accepting my bad patch of a test mod hahaha

I know this is necro, but the link to the code is 404, can you please update it? Thanks!

Yeah, I can do that. Gimme like a day tho. (I’ll just update it to an EA installer since that’s how we do things now)