Ragefest IV: MoneyFest

This is called MoneyFest

After giving roy the timeless advice about how important money is, the MoneyMan deicided to create
a anti-rust solution for weapons that made him filthy rich. With money, he was able to buy important
information about the world beyond the “darkness” from Teodor and has decided to gather an army while paying a
Ragefest maker to make him the main star of a Ragefest hack. Marc has found out about this plan and
has hired some swords to help him kill the MoneyMan before he succeeds in finding a Ragefest maker.

All my hacks have a gimmick and this one is no exception

you only get 5 turns to complete each goal. Fail and its a gameover.
20 turns in total to beat the hack.

link: Final




Change Log
Act 3 has been coded and tested
Oswin can now use A rank lances
There should be no thieves
Act 4 is done
prices of light rune and sleep staff have been raised
minor edits in proper weapons
All text edits done for now
Slight music changes
Skits added and are fucking hilarious
Custom recycled portraits added
Custom Names added

A FE7 rom

Reconmend saving new game+ on another slot because I might be able to make each run harder
the more times you complete it.

Edit: Holy shit it is actually possible. Lunatic/Chaos/Abyss Mode confirmed.


Made by: MrNight48

Programs Used:
-Event assembler
-FEditor Advanced

-MCProductions (Gave feedback)
-scott99 (Gave feedback)

SpecialThanks to:
-FEUniverse with question help
-Those that helped test Fairy Ragefest, it will be ready for Ragefest Gaiden one day
-Marc for playing (I hope)


After you added the screenshots, now I want to playtest it :stuck_out_tongue: looks super cool

But, I will not, because I must see Marc’s agony first!

Edit: Oh wow, this is for Ragefest 6! It’s like I’m in the future!

Hopefully he does play it, Either he will not ignore all the goodies and barely rage or think its too hard to get them, struggle to finish it anyway, only to suffer

Great news, I just confirmed that I can make New Game+ even harder. Players will be able to grind money, weapons, and stats with each play through as it gets harder and harder. :smiley:


OK, I’ll definitely be playing it then. After ragefest 6 :stuck_out_tongue:

I am a got damn idiot, I just saw the typo and why you kept saying 6. My brain has been fried because of how much pain and suffering i was trying to put in the hacks

At some point, I wasn’t sure if it was a typo or you were deliberately fucking with me :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know if it’s on purpose but a couple turns in chapter 1 a light hits the map and the game freezes

A light? Can you explain what you was doing before the light came?

also what version are you using?

this right here and the first link on the top of this topic

I spent a good 10 seconds asking myself why there were so many ‘dead’ units on the map before realizing the map was flipped 90 degrees. FML.

Holy shit you scared me, I thought you was saying there was a game breaking bug in MoneyFest, my official ragefest submission.

Ok 1st that is Rage Emblem, which was taken down because I have to fix that bug. the light is a thunderbolt which means this is a super old version so it may have even more problems. I took down Rage Emblem because I have to redo both chapter 1 and chapter 2 events from scratch because they both break due to certain event ID’s I am using in a way that I am not suppose to, but somehow still works barely. Since I am currently working on animations/ getting ready to move, fixing this will take awhile.

Sorry for the inconvenience and the fixed patch will be announced when I can in its official thread here Introducing Rage Emblem(Final Demo)