Problem with Text Processor using Buildfile method


I have an idea. Can you open the make_hack batch file in notepad and show me the contents?


I have two files, the first one (i always use this):

cd %~dp0
copy "FE7_clean.gba" "FE_Hack.gba"
cd "%~dp0Event Assembler"
Core A FE8 "-output:%~dp0FE_Hack.gba" "-input:%~dp0ROM Buildfile.txt"

And the second one:

cd %~dp0
copy FE7_clean.gba FE_Hack.gba

cd "%~dp0Tables"
c2ea "%~dp0FE8_clean.gba"

cd "%~dp0Text"
textprocess_v2 text_buildfile.txt

cd "%~dp0Event Assembler"
Core A FE8 "-output:%~dp0FE_Hack.gba" "-input:%~dp0ROM Buildfile.txt"


I know the second automates the whole process, but I prefer to do the tables and the text personally, I have also tried it and the result is the same.


Core A FE8 is your problem. Change the FE8 to FE7.

The argument there is what defines the variables FE6/FE7/FE8. Since you have FE8, when assembling, the macro would use the FE8 definition of TextTable, which is not the same place as FE7’s. So you were editing data, just not in the right place (and almost certainly breaking something else completely unrelated at the same time).


All the problems solved, including the one with the mugs. I feel like a retard now… :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks a lot for your help. :grin:


Glad to have finally figured it out! Don’t feel bad; making silly mistakes is part of hacking.


Well, I think I’ve learned a lot from this problem, so it’s not that bad.


That’s the right attitude! Keep it up!


Glad you were able to get this solved! Don’t be discouraged about how it was a simple fix in the end because I guarantee you everyone else has had these sorts of problems before. I certainly have.