PK's Portrait P... edits?

sorry lame attempt at alliteration

Anyway, I wanted to show off some portrait sprite edits I’ve done! Ones that are F2U/F2E will be clearly marked.


Forrest_old Kai_old Chell_old Aqua_old

Not F2U/F2E

Krista Trevor Sam Taylor Alex Anil Ecco Lucy Felicity Michael Chell Viola Aqua Ferrach Joshua Marina


So, turns out I’ll be making some of my splices/edits F2U/F2E after all! I’m re-making some portraits for my project, so their old versions are free for the taking (with proper credit of course)

And might as well show off some completely new ones I’ve done recently (these are NOT F2U/F2E)
Felicity Michael Viola Chell


Spliced some new portraits! Not F2U/F2E
Aqua Ferrach Joshua Marina

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