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It’s a drum track, so you have several options:

  1. Change all the notes to their respective notes in FE7’s drum instrument. Most of them look like snares so you could change to to D3’s and the Cs are obviously cymbals so you could change those to C#4’s. (this is probably the easiest way)
  2. Make a custom drum instrument with all the right samples corresponding to the existing notes

See this topic for more info on drum instruments

Either way you may need to open up the sf2 in Viena to check what notes are which because I’m not sure if all of them are just snares and cymbals.

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To me to less painful path would be to export and insert the samples from the NDS game to the rom right? I’m gonna try that, thank you Agro =)

You could certainly do that too, although I worry about how the quality would sound in a GBA game. Give it a bash and make sure you install the sound improvement hack too :slight_smile:

Oh I meant create the drum instrument. That’s different isn’t it?

Yes haha

I meant create the drum instrument with FE7 samples

Hello. I have a problem.

I was using the ELF method with Blazer’s Ultimate Tutorial, but then it requires his instrument patch which was a pain to find. I then learn that it breaks your ROM if it’s expanded, so that method can’t be done for me unless there’s some way to use the native instrument map in FE7.

Then, I looked into Sappy, but as I open it, I get an error message.

It was going great until I needed that instrument patch, and now I am just so confused.
Someone please ease my pain…

The search button is there to be used, it tends to work very well

I’m very well aware of the search bar. I went to the site before, and the videos, photos, and most importantly, dropbox links didn’t seem to exist anymore. I assumed that that page was too outdated.

Thanks for replying quickly, though.

gahhh fuck you Dropbox

I’ll update the link soon unless someone like @circleseverywhere wants to edit the link for meeee

It looked very promising as a tutorial, but it’s worthless to me without the dropbox links. I’ll probably be fine once they’re fixed with that tutorial.

you don’t need his tutorial, all the necessary links have been provided, including a working version of Sappy. sappy is pretty self explanatory and the rest is already documented on FEU. the PokeCommunity link was provided as extra reading.

in future please also alert someone if a link is broken

All right. I downloaded Sappy successfully, (I think) and I open any ROM and it instantly crashes.

Sorry for messing you about. The sappy.exe must be replaced with this one for it to work, which is something i thought was included in the download, and wasn’t

Thanks! It opens now.
If only Dropbox hadn’t updated, we all wouldn’t be having these broken links problems.

Time to try it out.

Well this is a really cool program!

I had my doubts from the bizarre installation and all of the broken links, but I’ve changed my mind. This should be the way to insert music!

I successfully inserted a one-track song, but it has some problems, and I have some questions.

  1. The instrumentation seems to be wrong. If I want it to play as a piano, how can I accomplish this? I’m not currently using Blazer’s patch as I have an expanded ROM.
  2. This song is one track, but it contains chords played by that one track. Only one note is played in the ROM, yet I can clearly hear all of the notes in Sappy.
  3. What is the limit to the amount of tracks playing at once for FE7? I’ve read 16, 10, and 7 in different places.
  4. What constitutes as a track? If I have 4 different notes being played by one instrument all at once, is that 4 tracks or 1 track?

Sorry to bombard you with all of this, but this specifically is new to me and somewhat confusing. I’d like to get this skill under my belt.

If you use a patch,16(12 for music)

That answers #3.

Oh wait. The link for the patch is broken.
That’s rather unfortunate.

God damn it, Dropbox.

  1. see my tutorial on voices (Basic Voice Table Editing in Sappy) if you want a piano that sounds really good then you may have to import one from another game
  2. this is either a problem with the default max voices or a problem with your song priority, which can be changed in the Music Editor and I THINK when you are inserting a song. In the nightmare module make sure that song is set to either BGM or Map depending on what it is you need.
  3. 16 tracks, but only 12 sounds. leading to the next question…
  4. 4 notes on one track = 4 sounds. 1 note on 4 tracks each = 4 sounds. limit it 16 tracks but 12 sounds, meaning if each track has 1 sound then the last 4 will get cut out. it used to be 8 tracks with 7 sounds but we have since made a better hack

[FE7/FE8] 16 tracks/12 sounds patch i also updated the links in this topic

Thanks for the patch. That should help.
That voice editing is a doozy. I’ll have to try that more later.

Changing the priority in Nightmare didn’t seem to do anything. I can clearly see and hear four different notes being played in Sappy, but only one (the top one, I think) can be heard throughout the entire song in the ROM.

That’s because it’s a square wave, which is a waveform generated by GBA hardware. These can never play more than one note at once in the actual game, although since Sappy is an emulator it will play it back perfectly.